Thursday, January 18, 2007

All the chatter about who is in the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. Who Isn't. Who should be etc. is utter tosh. In the grand scheme of things it matters less than nowt. What may have started out as well-intentioned has gone the way of all things. It gets taken over by elements that just can’t be trusted to be thrust into the stratosphere of scenes that celebrate themselves first and foremost. They think that’s gonna bump start “sales”? Forget it. As a symbol of recognition, it's like all awards. There are too many of them. Some may carry some faux prestige but ultimately being saddled with such a protracted accolade seems like more baggage. "Shorts don't matter" as Michael Palin quoth in Ripping Yarns "Golden Gordon. Some people are up in arms about Patti's induction. Much as I think she should tell them to stick it up their jacksy, it's her dime. But the peons yattering about the merits of her being in or out, of REM being in or out will not make one iota of difference to your existence, nor mine. It’s all tainted. Hall of Shite more like. Even if there are some of our own “in there”.

Today was the annual slight fall of snow, country grinds to a halt fiasco. It had been predicted for days but did that help? Course not. I'm probably exaggerating by saying there was two inches. Or 50mm if you're a stickler for metric but everything stopped this morning. Pathetic. It was much worse elsewhere in the UK, the borders and the South took a real hammering and a lot of people are without power and worse. However 2 sodding inches of snow was what snarled up the highways and byways around here. Just wait til we get independence….

(Stops typing. Stares at floor and clicks "publish post")