Saturday, October 20, 2007

Halloween Party

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31st - Brutarian presents a special Halloween show at The Lo-Fi Social Club
(1825 N. Charles St. Baltimore, Maryland 21201) featuring The Fleshtones, The Ubangis and The Hall Monitors. Plus costume contest with groovy prizes and music supplied by Trash Palace. $10.00 for all of that! Not to be missed!
Ok, roundup time. There’s a lot going on everywhere it seems. That is everywhere but here. However, it’s good to get a preview of the new Fleshtones album. Even if it’s just rubbing salt in the wound of not being able to attend Cavestomp with the rest of my “family”. And the tba that was scheduled for the Sunday night turns out to be The Lyres. Thanks god, I owe you one.

And talking about those Fleshtones, have you seen the ads for the new Hives stuff? It’s very super rock don’t you think.?? Howlin’ Pelle is definitely throwing a Zaremba shape with that V sign and just the whole style. I like The Hives, they’re Swedish you know, and if they are appropriating at least they’re appropriating from the best. So many bands owe so much to the ‘tones. Stand by for details on how to snag the upcoming tribute. Coming soon.

I am at this very moment about to attempt some "reviews". Wish me luck. All and any distractions welcome.