Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Now that I’ve been able to watch that MIA video through now something sprang to mind. While the brutality of the piece speaks for itself, I think that there’s a distinct attempt to introduce an element of satire in the rounding up of the “gingers”. The desert sequence is very “Punishment Park” too. Living here in Kiltland, I’ve come into contact will all kinds of prejudice against people with red hair. I don’t understand it myself but some entirely rational people have been known to have an irrational down on such a condition.

Obviously, in our society – everybody is fair game. Guilty until proven innocent but I’m sort of shocked to see “Born Free” being described as being so shocking. It wouldn't have appeared on my radarscope at all if it hadn’t been for the Suicide sample that propels it. The overall message of the piece may be as obvious as the nose on your face but I think framed in the current world situation, recognition of aspects of authority and government are becoming blurred and this looks like it could be all too real because actual reality is another concept that’s gone for a burton.

It’s a fairly powerful statement in a homogenised mainstream landscape. More shocking perhaps is that there's no mention at of Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers or Matt Monro – what’s up with that?