Thursday, October 15, 2009

No near miss on the cereal front this morning but I would imagine that rising thinking that it was Friday qualifies as some kind of impediment for the day. Somewhere deep in the circuitry of what passes for a napper, I was figuring what time to go into Glasgow to met Emma’s bud, Rob. I’d even decided on catching the minute to 3 train…

It all came crashing down pretty damn quick when I turned on the wireless. Look on the bright side I figured, “you’ve gained a day”. By now I hope most of you have recognised the extreme irony of that last statement. Driving through that dark, driech-ness to the strains of Mudhoney Live At El Sol at 6.55am is the equivalent of quaffing strong drink. This recently-released Munster monster captures what I saw last Friday, bottles it sonically and spits it out of whatever device you have in mind. Artwork courtesy of Art Chantry (with Skip Jensen).

On the opposite side of the coin, I’m an extra day away from my mission which is kind of a dissy but I really need all the time I can grab to sort stuff out. In bygone days I’d be prepared but I’ve become tardy in direct correlation to there not being enough hours in the day.