Thursday, December 31, 2009

The archaeology of rock’n’roll is much like any other form of digging. Significant finds demand the re-addressing of previously considered certainty. Such chicken and egg semantics are entirely dependent on the consumer’s entry point. Fuck the chin stroking.

I’d never heard Los Saicos until my recent trip to Madrid. I had heard Wau y los Argghs version of “Demolición” and while I could appreciate the inherent wildness, never for a minute considered that the original would have been even more deranged. More importantly this snarling maelstrom of nihilism was cut in Lima when the rest of the world was wetting itself over The Beatles.

Hear and believe direct links to both The Stooges and The Cramps, indeed the track that kicks it off is not unlike something they might have come up with as a James Bond theme. It’s customised. The latter spawned several generations of individuals who would dig deep to previously (mostly) unheard seams of music that just radiated. A strong case in point to my mind that preceded the much vaunted “punk” explosion of the 70’s was Cleveland’s Rocket From The Tombs. If they’d have released an album and stayed together instead of fragmenting then who the hell knows how things would have turned out. Maybe we could have avoided U2 altogether? I was a little perturbed by the claim on the Mickey Leigh/Legs McNeil book jacket that Boner blames his existence on Joey but what can you do. I guess that was meant as a compliment and we should assume it as being so.

Anyway, this would be a wild ride whenever it was construed and this is your first must have of 2010. I can’t conceive of any NBTolyte that won’t be enthralled with this.

The unhinged nature of the song titles is one thing but after you become acclimatised to the inherent strangeness, other aspects become apparent. The rhythms and the way the guitars chime and twang to offset the howling are no mere approximations or interpretation. Chemistry is a far more important factor in the gestation of sound than proficiency or ability. There’s a point where nature takes over and in kicks the call of the wild. I don’t know about you but I have an intense dislike of artists that are nothing more than a modular, cookery book approximation of what somebody reckons might be a hipster record collection.

I asked Erwin how aware he and his friends were of what was happening in Britain and the US at the time and here’s what he had to say.

“We knew the Beatles, they were our idols. We heard the Rolling Stones after recording “Demolición” and also Bob Dylan and others. The primitive nature of our songs is something that came spontaneously out of my head. The band had no problem with assimilating and arranging it. The titles and themes are more humorous than violent and actually, the only song that talks violence is “The Cats Funeral” (El Entierro De Los Gatos). However, we thought of ourselves as bad boys and that must have been a driving force. After Los Saicos - I wrote some really violent stuff, but I would not play it now and I don’t think I was comfortable playing it then either.”

Primitive to the point of primordial, Los Saicos were an important benchmark. Who ever thought there could be a combo out there in Peru that would make The Sonics sound like Simon and bloody Garfunkel? There is quite possibly some other music out there that could well make us re-address this and I look forward to hearing that.

However, in the meantime, take this short course of saicotherapy and rejoice that artefacts like this can still turn up. Such tempo tantrums are precious and prove to us once again that there is nothing new on this earth. Why would there be?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

RIP - Rowland S. Howard

If you're venturing out in Glasgow, this new years eve...
Hogmanay at 78
We would like to invite you all to bring in the new year with us at The 78 with Golden Grrrls (live) and Pastels, Teenage Fanclub and Foolin' Around djs. We did this last year and it was a brilliant start to the year. This year with added snow, ice and Golden Grrrls it will be a sensation. No charge, free. This is on us!

The 78, Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow G3 8NU. 0141 576 5018

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I spent much of today compiling a list of 78RPM records. Primarily to send to a friend in Spain that provides a home to waifs and strays of the shellac variety. The remainder will be found a berth where they’ll be used and won’t stay on a shelf year in, year out. On closer inspection of some, they’re cracked, broken and in bad shape. I should have checked them before but I was more interested in saving them from being thrown in a skip. Thing is that some of them should have been.

I’m learning about the pragmatic nature of being able to let stuff go. I seem to be good enough at it where people are concerned but “stuff”... being a pack rat is an illness. But I’m doing what I can to get better. After my dental hygienist appointment tomorrow morning, there’s a whole lot of other recycling gonna be going on of the old music paper variety. I’ve promised myself that a few pounds of clutter will be lost over these holidays and well, it shall be done.

RIP - Tim Hart (Steeleye Span)


Treat Me Like Dirt is the first book to document the histories of the Diodes, Viletones, and Teenage Head, along with other bands (B-Girls, Curse, Demics, Dishes, Forgotten Rebels, Johnny & The G-Rays, The Mods, The Poles, Simply Saucer, The Ugly, etc) and fans that brought the original punk scene to life in Toronto and beyond (Hamilton and London).

TREAT ME LIKE DIRT: An Oral History of Punk in Toronto and Beyond (1977-1981) by Liz Worth.
ISBN 978-0-9813694-0-2

This is a limited edition book (first printing: 500), 384 pages and fully illustrated. Contains an extensive index at the back.
Front cover by Don Pyle (Shadowy Men on A Shadowy Planet) who is also in the photo.

It is the ONLY book on the 1977 Toronto punk scene; an indispensable reference work. A wealth of previously unpublished photographs including The Dead Boys, The Ramones, The Nerves in addition to The Viletones, Poles, Diodes, Dishes, Teenage Head, etc. The book offers an extensive history of: The Diodes, Teenage Head, Forgotten Rebels, The Viletones, and also Simply Saucer in addition to B-Girls (Bomp Records), The Ugly, The Curse, the clubs, the drug use, murder, sex and all the adjacent highlights. It is an oral history told by the bands themselves (in the style of Please Kill Me). Includes one of the last interviews with the late Frankie Venom (singer, Teenage Head).

An incredible document of a self-contained world that was influential in its time but never documented until now. A lot of this music is already known internationally thanks to bootleg compilations like Killed By Death and various punk blogs.

The book was written by music journalist and author Liz Worth (Exclaim), edited by pop musicologist Gary Pig Gold, and designed by Ralph Alfonso. Gary Pig Gold and Ralph Alfonso are veterans of the Toronto 1977 scene; Gary ran the legendary Pig Paper zine and released the first single by Simply Saucer; Ralph ran the Crash'n'Burn club that the scene revolved around, manages The Diodes, and is a former rock journalist/photographer (Bomp, Cheap Thrills, New York Rocker) in addition to his current role as owner of Bongo Beat Records (and Books).

More about this tome early in 2010 - meanwhile - assuming that you can't wait... order it at Bongo Books.

M E T A P H O R S - Chapter 6

The sensible alternative to cutting about Princes Street, The Go-Go's celebratory New Year antics...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Get with the Girl Pack 1979 over at Kicksville 66!

Special Glasgow Film Theatre event
on Tuesday 2nd February 2010.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Been contemplating this best of the year/alleged decade and what have you and decided to stick with what I compiled for the Monorail Music roundup. Perhaps there are other things that could be in there, all the Moon Duo releases for starters but let’s maybe keep that for the album that will undoubtedly collect much of the amazing music they make. Such contemplation brings up recollections and all kinds of why’s, wherefore’s and WTF’s. I'm simply not entertaining the "decade" thing but if I was then "Introducing Hello Saferide" would likely be the clear numero uno.

So here’s a bunch of things you can seek out, check out and acquire. Of course there could have been more but you’re sick of lists by now, right? And these things require some semblance of recall and I seem to have left my ability to do that someplace. It’ll hopefully turn up in due course but I’m not counting on it? So here we go with 10 – in alphabetical order – number order is for bean counters.

Monorail requested albums/reissue and track so that’s how there are presented.

Amy Allison – Sheffield Streets (Urban Myth)

Bruce Anderson – The Inherent Beauty of Hopelessness (Self release)

Ironville – Welcome To Ironville (Hare Tracks)

Matt and Kim – Grand (Fader label/Nettwerk)

Reigning Sound – Love and Curses (In The Red)

The Riverdales – Invasion USA (Asian Man)

The Tripwires – House to House (Spark and Shine)

Two White Horses – s/t (Stand By Your Band)

Wooden Shjips – Dos (Holy Mountain)

Young Fresh Fellows – I Don’t Think This Is (R&R Inc)

Reissue / retrospective

The Yum Yums – Sweetest Candy (Kid-Tested)

Souvenirs (Little Gems of Pop) - Various Artists (Sound Asleep/Wall of Noise)

Single / track

The A-Bones – Shallow Grave (Norton)

Dean and Britta’s “13 Most Beautiful” in Dunfermline was the show of the year hands down with the version of “I’ll Keep It With Mine” being the very pinnacle. I still get a little overwhelmed when I think of that evening. Evan deserves a special commendation for making that happen.

Equally momentous was the Spanish adventure with The Quattros/Yum Yums/YFF Inc/Munsters in October. I didn’t know I still had it in me...

... and I still harbour a hope that Matt & Kim’s “Lessons Learned” will sweep the world in a late display of good taste on the part of the music buying public.

Of course, I’m not daft enough to be holding my breath... because there should be a new Bambi Molesters set coming our way. A little optimism never hurt, right? And right as I pressed publish, I notice that "blogger" had crashed so that resulted in much gnashing of teeth and swearing. That commodity and I have never gotten along so what did I expect...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's all been kind of sixes and sevens today. Not really sure what to get up to and even if I did then I'm sure I'd find a way to talk myself out of whatever seemed like an idea. I've been listening to Lou Reed's "New York" and reading Dean Wareham's "Black Postcards". Filing 7" singles and listing 78's might well be activities that may or may not take place. Of course, there are places that I'd probably rather be but that's not an option.

However, I'm not sure what made me do it but I looked at Twitter and found out that as of less than a half our ago, there is something to be thankful for... another instalment of Wreckless Radio. When you're there, you can score your 45 or download - or both so that all those gadgets of yours are covered.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Maybe you managed to get away from the mêlée and are sitting in front of the screen looking for one last Christmas music jag to wash away the bilge you might have been subjected to... here's a wee message from Prof. David Scott...

"forgot to send the info before - typical me really - here goes. there's also a lengthy blog about the album on MySpace and at

An expanded version of A Sunflower At Christmas is available for download now. It includes brand new recordings of The Holly and The Ivy and a new song called Come Chase The Snow as well as previously unreleased versions of Strawberries In The Snow and Battersea Bardot. It's available at iTunes, Amazon, Juno, Play, emusic, peoplesmusic and Napster...

Hope you enjoy if you get a chance to hear it. Merry Christmas one and all."

There are aspects of Christmas that don't suck but they're not easy to find amidst the widespread panic. If it were up to me, I'd work through this period and take my vacation on the flipside. Check out The Hound's angle on the subject (if you didn't already) - it pretty much chimes with mine.

And likewise, If you never grabbed the Moon Duo seasonal tuneage then do so now. It's on the WFMU site (thanks Steve) so you don't have to piss about with that twitter bollocks. Christmas music, like old films and one or two other shards sometimes have the ability to create an alternative universe in which all manner of possibilities are well, possible.

At this time of year I often think how much better the world would be if The Cramps had recorded a version of "Christmas In Jail" like we talked about. It's at times like that that I have to accept that maybe my priorities are a little different from most of the other people that share this planet. Not you. Or You. But most. I do detest the commercialism and innate need to consume and prefer to sit it out. Some folks don't understand that and never will. This is their problem, not mine. But fear not folks - It'll all be over soon enough. Then you have the new year bullshit to get through and we're home clear. Stay tuned for bulletins, etc. We never close. At least not for long... first port of call this Christmas morning is The Sympletones DVD. My thanks to Sir J Wunderle of the Springfield parish for bestowing this upon me. Beats the eff ford out of anything the programmers have come up with for the TV schedule.

The reaper... much like we folks who don't have kids - he don't observe the holiday season...

RIP - Vic Chesnutt

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wow, it’s Thursday, that fact that it’s Christmas Eve sort of concealed that from my recall. It’s been a busy few days – mainly because of my reneging to do anything at the weekend. I’ve arrived at the point that is the real nitty gritty. The (self-imposed) exile. Good to see Mr Tjolsen yesterday in Edinburgh. When I called the bus company, the assistance was such that “it was on the road”. No clue as to how much behind schedule it might be or if it would indeed reach its destination. And some in this country want independence (indie) status. So I walked a little over 3 miles to the train station and then the same distance back. It was pretty neat to wander across the snow in the tranquil and not really cold evening. All that exercise resulted in a pretty sound sleep which is something I’m not entirely accustomed to. Not because I’m a stranger to walking distances but maybe it was the cold fresh air. This morning was more of the same, I think I’ve clocked up around 5 miles today also.

Getting to the supermarket a little late (7.15am) the scumhordes were already out in force. Piling their trolleys high. I’m not sure that they know that the shops are open again on Sunday. And actually some will be open straight through. Makes you long for the days when there was quite literally no retail for 2 or 3 days, in addition to no Sunday trading.

And good old Scotchland. The peedly parliament have passed a bill that means you can’t buy alcohol until 10am in the day now. And Tesco seems to include Sundays in that so it’s a victory for the jakies and another kick in the nuts for those of us who could ideally pick up this commodity earlier if we fancied a wee snifter. Oh, it’s for our own good? Silly me. Well thanks for saving me you sorry bunch of interfering (insert insult of choice here). I was going to plump for fuckers but hey, it’s Christmas.

Nobody is going to be coming here for the next day or so anyway. You’ve all got responsibilities, stuff to do, people to see, that kind of thing. I hope it all works out in an entertaining fashion. It’ll all be on the down low as we hurtle toward the year before the actual new decade begins.

RIP - Arnold Stang

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spent a very pleasant day in Glesga yesterday, stating off with the screening of Died Young, Stayed Pretty that I was on about last week or whenever. Being pressganged into taking additional leave meant that I could see it rather than go with the consensus that it's not good. Well, it's not great but despite the rather hotchpotch nature of it's construction then it's cool to see some of these people on screen. Some of 'em net a slap certainly and it's all over the place but it was just good to see it programmed. Plus there were maybe 20 people there. I expected to be in there myself. There's another GFT showing at 6pm tonight if you're at a loose end or want to get out of the snow.

It was winter wonderland time upon leaving the theatre. I don't recall this kind of snowfall since the late 70's. And of course, when we get a little snow then disruption is amped up to the max but still, luckily there was no big rush to get anyplace. Met up with Mr Duff and locals should watch out for his new club night Trick Bag, coming in February 2010 to Max's Kansas City in Queen Street, just up the road from Tam Shepherd's.

Transport willing, I'm off to meet Mr Tjolsen in Edinburgh today then the barricades go up and the bunker will be the place to be until at least Sunday. Possibly longer depending on supplies. let today's game commence.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A seasonal hitpick, courtesy of the one and only Tav Falco...

A lunar christmascape from Moon Duo....

(thanks Russell)

OK kids, say hello to your new favourite band...


It ain't Christmas if there ain't no Joe...

Monday, December 21, 2009

M E T A P H O R S - Chapter 5

A task I’ve set myself over the break is to get rid of a heap of accumulated paper. That includes music and other types of culture press, press releases and promo pictures. Remember those? Before there were jpegs there were 8 x 10’s (and other sizes), well I’m going to be going through huge piles of them. Planning to be ruthless on what will be kept too.

It’s a very distracting job and time consuming too. Correspondence from across the years is interesting but it’s no longer possible to keep it all. It’ll provide a strange journey from now into January I’m sure. As will revisiting records and maybe thinning out the CD shelves too. You can’t take ‘em with you after all and who would want to.

Right now I’m surrounded by landfill in one form or another. I do plan to shred much of the paper into packing and will be as environmentally friendly with the disposal of the other stuff as is possible. At certain points over the course of today I’ve thought about just clearing it all as quickly as possible but deep down I’m not capable.

Wish me luck...

Marty Thau remembers Joey Ramone, from his upcoming memoir...

"My involvement with Joey Ramone didn’t end with those first recordings. As the next few years unfolded, and the Ramones toured the world and became international favorites, I became good friends with the now more confident Joey. We'd meet over late-night cocktails when he was back in New York to discuss fame, fortune and the rock 'n' roll lives we were living. I always had fun hanging out with him and usually our get-togethers ended with the two of us in a gently buzzed alcoholic state, stumbling out of a funky bar into the dark East Village streets at 4:00 AM.

Joey was the real deal. In the simplest of terms, he was a no-nonsense, somewhat gawky looking, kind-hearted sweetheart of a guy. You couldn’t help but like him. I found him to be a perceptive and sensitive individual, generous of spirit and a soulful counterpoint to downtown New York's conniving hustlers. When the Ramones split up in 1996, it was Joey who lent his name to the downtown music scene and assisted many aspiring musicians in their career pursuits. When Joey died in 2001, I was greatly saddened and so were the 3,000 friends and fans that showed up one New York City summer night to pay tribute to him in Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom. That memorable four-hour affair mixed witty salutes from friends and witnesses, vintage videos of the Ramones from every stage of their career, and inspired performances from the likes of Blondie, Cheap Trick and the U.K.’s original punk band, the Damned.

The Ramones have been called many things, but to me they brought to the game an exhilarating intensity that rock 'n' roll hadn't experienced since its earliest days. They will go down in history for having reintroduced pure fiery energy and youthful humor into rock 'n' roll. New York City re-named 2nd Street in the Bowery-the block where the early Ramones shared a loft-Joey Ramone Place. His family can be proud of Joey for the person he was and the life he led.

(R.I.P. sweet Joey. We miss you and will always love you)."

And of course, the real festive # 1 is "Whisper"...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

M E T A P H O R S - Chapter 4

This looks good...

Del 'nuff said. Where a wee Christmas song awaits you.

I imagine that a lot of you folks like me, will want to read this. Take a look at the line below the title – “A Family Memoir” – there’s a clue in that as to what you might expect. I’m not going to spoil is all for you by giving an opinion on the whys and wherefores. What I will say is that I consider it to be a little intrusive with regard to Joey’s medical history but that’s Mickey and his brother’s business. I found it compulsive reading and uncomfortable at times. The end is pretty devastating and well written to that end. It’s not entirely about the guy that changed the world view of many of us. The person it portrays as Joey Ramone will very possibly be at odds with your opinion. It certainly is with mine because for all the times I met him he never acted like the individual in this account did on occasion.

It brought me back sharply to the last time I saw Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee together. It was at the door of Joe’s building when they were all waiting on him to come down and get in the van. To go to some upstate gig that quite possibly wasn’t that well attended. The interaction is described fairly well here and my own personal altercation with John would happen several years later when he whined about my opinion of “Odour Eaters”.

Some of the descriptions of the little things that Joe did really made me miss him a lot. Of course, living with the guy on a daily basis would have been different from maybe seeing him once a year but still, I feel privileged to have known him just a little bit and it allows me to get under the surface of some of this. The way that the End Of The Century film made me accept John for “what he was” despite our differences in the end is given another perspective here. The description of his ability to bear a grudge is something I can concur with. Still, it was pretty exciting being recognised by him in the Chelsea post office as I waited to mail postcards home one time. There can’t be many people left that believe that they were actually a “happy family”.

I hope that writing this helped Mickey get whatever it was he needed to get out of his system good and gone. The process was probably uncomfortable to recall and this is more about him than it is about his brother. It’s also about the dysfunction that fuelled what led to the moulding of the best singer of a generation, blank or otherwise. Leigh was there to see it all come together and The Ramones continue to be perhaps the most radical example of something exceeding the sum of its parts ever to clamber on to a stage.

Something I did learn that I should have known was that STOP played at the Cas Rock in Edinburgh way back whenever. Maybe I was off gallivanting but still...

It would be good to get a wee discussion going here as to what you folks thought/think/etc. You may disagree entirely. Let’s hear it.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

RIP - Dan O'Bannon

When Brother Don sent me the link to the above then I thought it would be groovy to post it with the IBB version... compare, contrast and above all - git down!

A seasonal message from your Uncle Murray regarding an event in Auld Reekie tomorrow evening...

"if you're off on monday or just fancy a late night then there are worse places to be than the Ark - upstairs at the Waterloo Bar, Waterloo Place, from 11 pm till 3am you can drink doubles for 3 quid while watching


not sure of the running order but Shock And Awe are going on first - just a short 20 minute set, so we'll only be doing 10 songs .... I'll also be playing guest rhythm guitar for Babylon Dub Punks and they'll be on last. So I'll be skiving off work the next morning..."

That's punk rock. I hope his employers aren't reading this!

Friday, December 18, 2009

A message from Monorail Music...

"In the run up to Christmas we would like to suggest two evenings of enjoyable social activity with us.

On Sunday 20 December at 7.45 pm, the Monorail Film Club presents Alain Resnais' 1961new wave classic, Last Year In Marienbad - selected and introduced by theatre director, Graham Eatough. This screening takes place in the Glasgow Film Theatre and we very much recommend booking in advance on 0141 332 6535.

On Monday 21 December, from 7pm we are offering our customers the opportunity to late night shop and enjoy an informal drink with us in loose celebration of our seventh birthday. DJs will be David Bellingham and David Shrigley and the shop will be open to 10pm and the bar until midnight.

We very much appreciate the community part of Monorail and hope to see many of you at one or both event.

Thanks, Dep, Stephen, Russell and all at Monorail. "

New HOODOO GURUS video...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Psychedelicised space folk ("Teflon Wok") or glistening ramshackle Byrdlike Velvets-esque pop ("Bobblehead Doll"), take your pick but take it soon. This artefact that Amy and Eric have put together reinforces the spell that vinyl is like a huge roaring fire in terms of its ability to radiate warmth.

I'm sure that it sounds proper grand in digital form too but you really want one of these. You don't have a record player? Well sunshine - you need to rectify that.

A seasonal message from Sir T. Phobic...

Amigos, Take one gig into the bathroom? - bugger that - This Saturday Me and Moyni will be plying our dubious talents at two gigs within 2 hours.

First off, we will be at The Lord Hood in Greenwich for the esteemed Modern Love Xmas bash at 8 30pm in a no star line up including Danny and Max(Cherry Reds/Wheelers) Andy from Modern Love. We aim to give a severe kicking to such faves as "I live for Speed, Sonic Reducer, Chinese Rocks and No Fun and festive cheer will be represented by ham fisted versions of sleighride and a merry jingle.

Before the applause and amps cool down, me and the moynster will be hot footing it to the 12 Bar in Denmark Street for a 10pm Phobics set. It's our last gig for 2009 so grab the chance to see us before santa gets his yule log out. Anyone going to both gigs will be presented with a free festive pint so what have you got to lose except your sobriety?

Come on down and see the ghosts of christmas p*st, you know it makes sense!


I was kind of down with the lark of the RATM subterfuge for a short while but am more than over it. It’s all grist to the corporate coffers after all and really, we don’t want that, do we? So if you fancy a wee festive tickle on the Christmas music front then why not try one of these…

On the brand new front, there’s Eagleowl’s “Sleep The Winter”. Available as a fantoosh 7” in a strictly limited run of 500, I’m inclined to take their advice but make sure you secure a copy first because they’ll all be gone by the time that you stir.

Out a year but sparkling like a bright shiny punk rockin’ power poppin’ penny is Vibeke’s EP. 5 deep, crisp and even winners – no need for any partridges (Andy or otherwise, likewise those bloody pear trees).

And in the old chestnut department, (Captain) Jon Graboff ’s "For Christ’s Sake" still rules the roost. A hardy sonic perennial. See how I came back to the aviary type theme there. Bloody blogging gold innit.

And courtesy of Santa Mike... incase you never grabbed it last time out!

The visitor numbers seem to be returning to a more believable rate now. I guess folks do just tap the overused phrase into a search engine as a result of media sooth saying and trumped up Battle of the Bands compy. God only knows what state they’ll be in if they experienced Juanito… hopefully nothing too traumatic. Or maybe they were converted? As you know, optimism isn’t my strong suit but I do live in hope - now and again...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Late contender for Christmas Number One. This guy is toting all the factors, A-Z, 1 to Infinity, every which way. Thanks to Iñigo for the tipoff and to Pete for the info.

Here's the scoop...

JUANITO WAU! ONE MOUTH BAND "Traje for-mal" 7inch
Ex-squeeze our French, but what the fuck is this retarded shit? Slovenly
subsidiary "I Shit In The Milk" Records has gone off the deep end with a
45 by Wau y los Arrrghs!!! frontman Juanito, who is, get this… BEATBOXING
LIVE in front of a crowd of incredibly abnormal European psychopaths.
Imagine Biz Markie or better yet, Rahzel covering The Sonics at a farm
animal orgy and you’re barely getting the picture. Señor Wau has has been
spewing forth this wretched racket for years, and despite many instances
of it being caught on tape, this is the first time it has ever been laid
to wax! A tasty treat here for fans of beatboxing, Wau y los Arrrghs!!!
and spastic sounds in general. God help us.

Enter an entire 'nother not entirely pretty dimension... makes "Paralyzed" by The Ledge sound like a prayer meeting...

Talking about booty of the 7" persuasion, the Amy and Eric 45’s are here and I’m happy to furnish any prospective foster parents of this fine and severely limited 7” with a copy for the princely sum of £3.50 within the UK. Overseas, let me know and I'll figure it out. Hereabouts, it’ll be in Avalanche and Monorail Music just as soon as I can get along there with supplies.

My napper is buzzing with positive ways not just to burn the extra time off that’s coming up. All too aware of the road to hell requiring resurfacing, I’m a tad reticent about these intentions but who knows. Maybe one might even come to fruition as I hurtle toward oblivion. The velocity will increase as soon as I saunter out of work on Friday and I will savour the moment up to when the ignition key is turned.

Thanks to Sir Martin H for the link...

Monday, December 14, 2009

A peculiar day thus far and something I didn’t exactly see coming when heading out the door this AM. Coerced into taking an extended seasonal break means that as of Friday, I’m off until January 5th. Not in itself a bad thing because if things really go tits up in 2010 then that can just be dealt with as and when. It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good as we’re inclined to say hereabouts.

Also I believe there's been some jiggery pokery with the e-mail also so If you've had stuff "bounce" then please try again. According to the status page its still goosed but there has been a small dribble of messages. Who knows...

Anyway coming up in this thing billed as 2010 - The Zeros will be hitting up Europe, anybody direct me to someplace that all the shows are listed?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I had all kinds of plans for this weekend but the weather and a weird mood sort of put paid to the good intentions. Pretty sure that everything went along swimmingly without my participation. And besides, I got the Mickey Leigh/Legs McNeil memoir and wanted to get that read before I got the urge to look at reviews.

When I was watching the Dolls the other night, I got to thinking that there might well have been no Ramones without them. Seeing a busy venue with the throng screaming “your mirror's gettin' jammed up with all your friends” sort of made me do a double take. The expression often comes up that we never fought the punk rock wars for X, Y or Z but this was exactly what we did time in them trenches for. I can’t say that I wasn’t wishing that it was The Dictators up there but I’ve had a giant fuck off NYD poster on my wall for more than 35 years now. I might not think much of the new songs but those first two items and most of their comeback defined a lot of what came later and I never did ever hear The Harlots of 42nd Street.

I guess that my favourite artists appreciated The Be*tles so I wouldn’t have to.

So anyway, I finished the book and will gather my thoughts and post something later but probably not tonight. Even although we know how it ends, doesn't make it any less devastating.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thanks to the Rev. Robert Johnson for the tip!


Friday, December 18 - 10:15pm
Live at the Redwood Bar
316 W. 2nd Street, Downtown Los Angeles.

Fuck. Died Young Stayed Pretty is on at GFT on the 22nd/23rd December at entirely inopportune times! The trailer features the Shellac/MX-80 poster. I need to look at my schedule...

The great Ray Lowry was light years ahead of the "Hitler reacts" strand on YouTube. Finding this reminded me that I ought to hep you to the fact that "Salford Calling" - The largest ever exhibition of legendary NME cartoonist's work debuts in is now on at Salford Museum and Art Gallery, Salford M5 4WU. It started on 4th December and will run to 7th March 2010.

As we await Sounds of the Sixties, I remembered this thatw as discovered earlier in the week. La Hembra Alfa sent it to my friend Line Cecilie Dahlmann and I intercepted it. By the way kids, I hope the recording today goes spiffingly and look forward to hearing the results when you're good and ready.

You can never get enough Moon Duo...

Duglas reminded me to remind you that Mr Wareham and Ms Phillips are offering up these two tracks for your Yuletide gratification. Special guest star - Mr Boom!

The code is oldtoytrains.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Just last night I was talking about Eagleowl and how they're one of the best bands I've seen in recent times. And then I find out that there's a launch for their new single, "Sleep The Winter" tonight in Edinburgh. An instore at Avalanche in Cockburn Street is also on tomorrow evening at 5.30pm. Go to the bands website for all the details and if you're able to go to either then I heartily recommend that notion. The label is Kilter and there's a great press ref on there that accurately describes them. I'm not gonna reproduce it here, go see for yourself.

Logistically, it's unlikely that I'll make either but this is the best "local" act I've come across in quite some time. Hauntingly groovy in every respect. More about the 45 when I get my mitts on the vinyl. And the reason that I may not make it is because of the event below. "A red hot riot of the rages"? Well that remains to be seen but Bubblegum Winter is an ambitious one off event curated by Gary O' Connor of Bubblegum Records that will take place in STEREO tomorrow night. So I have a logistical quandry in addition to the fact that I'm not entirely down with leaving the house at all this weekend. Either which way, extra kudos for ripping off the "Bop Girl" poster. As far as I know, The Goofers will not be making a surprise appearance.

It was a right pea souper this morning on the drive to the day prison. Never seen fog like it in ages. John Carpenter would have been impressed. No sign of Adrienne Barbeau though sadly. One small advantage was not having to scrape frost for the third time in 12 hours. Like Sony Bono sez "it's the little things".

How wuz the Dolls? Well way busier than I anticipated that’s for sure. It’s a real benefit to have a good venue for this size of bun fight in Edinburgh. Isa and the Filthy Tongues came on at 8pm sharp. Word on the sidewalk (see what I did there, juxtaposed that with pavie to give it that NY feel…?) is that their album is great. They make a lot of the right noises and I'm all for the concept of recycling be it musical or anything else. You might like them. Someone had apparently told Martin Metcalfe that it would be a good idea to dress up as Andrew Eldridge. Oh, an their singer doesn't appear to be called Isa but these are minor quibbles.

Of all the old timers that are hauling around the planet, The Dolls give a bankable approximation of their prowess. While I didn’t enjoy this as much as the first time I saw the comeback, it was a good show. Johansen looks very healthy in comparison to the initial foray and it sticks in my craw that I didn’t go to the RAH to see then with Arthur. But that’s what I do best, cutting off my nose to spite what isn’t much of a face to begin with.

It’s cool when “Jet Boy” seems to disintegrate into resembling “Highway Star”. I swear I heard the harmonic of that in my napper. So of course the closer is “Personality Crisis” and it seems like it’s been a long journey for what was, at the time, a patented five headed Frankenstein.

RIP - Gene Barry

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The new austerity or rather that which has become the norm is once again blowing its chill wind around the collective kilt of we folks out this way. Expecting something of an updraft, there's nothing much else to do except hunker down and hope that it passes. It would of course be preferable if one could come out relatively unscathed but nothing, as we all know, is a given anymore. So as they’re inclined to remark in a small village here in the central region, “Fuck it”.

Nothing much to reportez right now as I’m eating and running whilst in between doing this. The Dolls are at The Picturehoose in Edinburgh and all roads and railtracks are leading there.

Happenings coming up in ol' NY and thereabouts in the near(ish) future...

31st December 2009, The A-Bones with The Detroit Cobras at The Mercury Lounge.

1st January 2010, The Fleshtones with Roky Erickson at Southpaw, Brooklyn.

Talking of those super rockin' patron saints of the good time, Mr Zaremba has some kinda foodie/travelogue scene going over at BusyBuddy. Check it oot!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

This leaving and returning home in the pitch black is doing my head in. I can’t vouch for global warming or whether it’s not just a cycle but for my money it seems to be darker than ever. Maybe it’s a symptom of the climate change or even my deteriorating eyesight. The reality of it is that it doesn’t half wear me down. Two weeks from today and I won’t have to make the trek again until next year comes a-knockin’. At the risk of wishing my existence down the swanee, it cannae come quick enough.

So pondering the possible explanation for the big jump in visits at the weekend, If I type in here “The Next Big Thing 2010” then all the people who actually google that (other search engines are available) might end up here. Then they’ll get flustered and wonder what the fuck is going on. That has to be a good thing right? Cheating people out of a few seconds that they’ll never get back?

There’s nothing more important today than the fact that Wreckless Radio is back on the wires , either cable or wireless depending on your means of access. And during this half hour you’ll hear The Seekers, Young Fresh Fellows and the debut of Eric and Amy’s new 45 "Bobblehead Doll" that you can buy by clicking right here. If I was you, I’d secure one now because there’s going to be a run on these once it gets “playlisted”. I expect "Teflon Wok" will appear during the next instalment.

I’m listening to the show right now on tenterhooks waiting for it to come on after which there’s stuff to be attended prior to tomorrow evenings excursion to see what a couple of wags have seen fit to call The Two York Dolls.

RIP - Bill Willett (The Imperial Dogs)

(Thanks to Chris for the info)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

In Detroit next weekend?
More details here...
(Thanks to The Barman for the heads up)

Metaphors - Chapter 3

Monday, December 07, 2009

I’m completely stumped as to exactly why, on 6th December 2009, the hit rate on this thing would surpass the day after Lux died. Nearly 900 on a Sunday? The second slowest day of the week. Are you impressed with regard to how I interpret the stats? Probably not. But really, I’ve become a little interested in how this information comes together. To the extent of following where this web traffic comes from. I don’t understand it but I’m a little fascinated by the process. Of course, the novelty will wear off. Soon. Still, it looks like this month is flying out of the traps with having clocked up the highest visitor numbers ever in our history.

There’s a Red Star rising tomorrow when the erstwhile imprint assumes a digital position with its debut release in this new-fangled format that’s all the rage with the young and old ‘uns alike. Sonic luddites like myself just have to live peaceably alongside such “progress”, not owning a Pod or a Phone or anything else with an i-prefix.

The first of this wave is the Whisper EP by the Rt Hon Jeremy Gluck. More details here.

And then have a wee listen here...

“You can’t go back, you can never go back” or something approaching that quoth Don Henley. He who Mojo Nixon’s Fatwa upon appears to have come to sod all. Not that I wish the Eagles guy any harm or owt. There are far more more deserving of offing than him to my mind. It’s just the other day when I had to turn off my car radio when Jamairoquia or however you spell its came on. And then there’s the spawn of Glasgow’s Kane brothers – guaranteed to send me into a rage (and not in a positive sense). And lo, a positive tone is what the emergence of The Chairman’s new format shall begat.

And finally for this portion of the evening... Sir Duglas T Stewart would like to see those of you that can, bring yourself along to this...

Sunday, December 06, 2009

This week looks like it’ll break all records in terms of visits to this daft portal. Over 4K. Seems like the google search for “The Next Big Thing” drops ‘em off here. Some of them are obviously after some of the places that takes our name in vain. Maybe you are one of the some? Who knows. Anyway I’m hoping some of this good taste will rub off on the casual or mistaken visitor. We be nudging the alleged season of good will after all.

Today I dragged myself out of the bunker to see a French movie called “Home". It’s a sort of meditation on the way progress can affect the idyll and the resultant psychosis. Was it any use? I’d give it a “meh”. I think it was too long. Plus I had to take a diversion because of a closed , flooded road to get there. My intention to search for gifts in a small bookshop that sells children’s books was also foiled because the Sunday opening for Christmas custom hasn’t kicked in yet. So I settled for some milk for cereal tomorrow morning and came home.

Keeping up the French theme, I received the latest issue of the esteemed Dig It! And notice a whole mess of gear that I need to follow up on.

Stuff coming up this week - a trip to the dentist and the return of them New York Dolls...

RIP - Jack Rose

Saturday, December 05, 2009

RIP - Jack Cooke (info from The Proprietress, Ms Laura Cantrell)

December in Nortonville!

Thanks to Russell for the link via Please Kill Me...

If you're in Belgium then there are some Kevin Coyne tribute shows coming up that will usher you into an altered festive state.

Full details right here.

Friday, December 04, 2009

RIP - Richard Todd

Not planning on venturing very far from the old middenheid this weekend. One foray into town maybe but then again, perhaps not. There's something a little traumatic that I need to attend to this evening so not much time to piddle about on here. So, maybe you'd like to check out and grab some seasonal sonic cheer?

Craig at SongsIllinois/Swedesplease has compiled a feast of gear so why not swing by and take advantage of his generosity.


Songs Illinois

Matt & Kim's MTV Awards shindig is broadcast tonight but I doubt if we Eurotypes will be able to see it. I'll investigate.

And JD King's Metaphors - Act Two... HERE!

See you at the crack of dawn tomorrow. C'mon, don't be mucky now...

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Anybody read or seen the Mickey Leigh/Legs McNeil Joey book yet?

I figured I’d spring for buying myself a pressie and ordered one via an Amazon “seller". The actual A-site is talking about 4 weeks delivery. Plus the post must be set to get even worse. Hard to believe but entirely feasible and how come the mail between here and Scandinavia got to be so crap? It used to be superfast – 3 days tops. WTF is going on ?? Stuff gets there or there eventually but really, the cost escalates and the service deteriorates. This is what passes for life and so many things at the minute.

What does December and the seasonal daftness mean to me? 11 consecutive days off. I look forward to walking to the car on December 23rd because that’s the furthest I’ll be away from 2010.

So without any further ado, I have some bits and bobs to run by you...

If you’re within travelling distance of Hoboken, NJ then the very Rev. Jon Hammer sez...

Friends, Romans, Art Mavens,

Forgive this mass e-mail, and in the interest of not cutting into your holiday gift-giving time, I will keep this short.

You, as any right-thinking groovy person should be, are a huge fan of Maxwell's located at 1039 Washington Street, in beautiful Hoboken. Naturally, you pine for a chance to visit, and particularly this month when there seems to be a yawning void in your usually packed social calendar — more specifically Monday the 21st of December.

Here's the good part: you do have a reason to be at Maxwell's on Monday the 21st, because that will be the opening reception for a showing of my paintings. You read that correctly, a chance to see paintings of your favorite saloons, in one of your favorite saloons, as you hobnob with simply the cream of society. I trust I'll see you there.

Yours in spam, Jon Hammer

The new list from Bootleg Booze came in and there’s a ton of groovy stuff on there you could treat YOURself to.

And to close out this particular missive, Mr Duff took himself to Brighton to look at some Pink Monkey Birds...

Saw Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds for the second time in a week at a grotty (in a good way) wee venue called The Engine Rooms on the seafront. I arrived maybe 10-15 minutes before he came on and the place was fairly packed - certainly more bodies than Glasgow. This one was put on by the Brighton based Stay Sick club, in partnership with another club called Born Bad so they already had some kind of fan base down there.

Set list was the same as Glasgow with the exception of an instrumental version of “Mother Of Earth” from Miami (which Kid isn't on, of course) that segued into La Historia De Un Amour that seemed to kick off some kind of serious psychobilly slam down the front. Very odd. This stuff never had anything to do with that bonehead scene but at least the kids were having fun. Hysterically, while the thugs were busy outmachoing each other, Kid was treating us all to that loose-hipped, camp and cool, crazy toreador dance he does. The fact that the whole band is dressed in polyester (looking) Mariachi band suits is just the icing on the cake. I don't know how anyone could mistake this for any kind male-bonding rock thing.

That said, the band played harder than in Glasgow and if anything, it was a better, more exciting show. When I caught the band before they'd always been a bit sloppy and that's part of their charm. Not on this showing, they played with more aggression and while I’m not sure how this would be all the time but it was good this once.

Kid mentioned that the new album recorded for In The Red was going to come out as five 7" singles. Now, THAT, is going to be something good for 2010.

And on that note...

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thanks to HT for the link to this Suicide interview...

And also, is now in the Blogosphere. The energy of old New York is everywhere.

It's a strange world we live in, a place called Max's Kansas City has opened up in the old Twisted Wheel site in Queen Street, Glasgow. I'm pretty sure that there are no shows by The Fast, Wayne County or Pere Ubu lined up though. Or The John Collins Band come to that...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I guess I knew about Bob Keane yesterday but forgot to post it. And then Ben has just reminded me and told me about Paul Naschy too. So here we go again...

RIP - Bob Keane

RIP - Paul Naschy