Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Out soon on Munster is a re-issue of the Nomads' first 45 Night Time/Boss Hoss "A homage to the almighty Nomads, the unrivalled Kings of european Garage-Punk for 25 years! This is a limited edition (1000) on hard-stock cardboard and original artwork of their second single, originally released in 1982, with two covers of classic garage-punk anthems: The Sonics "Boss Hog", and The Strangeloves "Night Time". These killer punk hymns might seem "popular culture" today, but 25 years ago NOBODY was doing stuff like this! And whats more... 25 years later these songs sound as fresh, powerful, and sincere as they did back then." Also be on the look-out for a vinyl edition of Nomadic Dementia on the same label (this was compiled of course by the chief hisself, so what more recommendation do you need?)
This bloody contraption is as slow as treacle tonight. Anyway, pictured here is another recent find. a ticket stub for what I recall as perhaps the very pinnacle of when I saw The Ramones. This was in the pre-Ice Cube days when the Barras could be packed to the rafters. Anyway, up and coming this April, our friends and fellow Ramoniacs from Barcelona - Suzy Y Los Quattro will be hitting up the sarf of England. Nothing up this way but maybe some enterprising person with taste out there could change that? Anyway, confirmed shows are: The Dirty Water Club in London on Friday 6th April and the Engine Room in Brighton on Saturday, 7th April.
I had some other info to convey but it seems to have disappeared for the time being. I'm too tuckered out to even start looking for it now, my eyes are like pissholes in the snow as it is. So with that graphic imprint, I bid you goodnight...