Monday, April 30, 2007

It's always good to hang out with old friends. It numbs the daily erosion and general wearing down process. I'm not a team player but maybe could be if it were me picking the squad. Good vibes manifested themselves in a score of Bambi Molesters cds at a Jumble/Garage sale in Glasgow. Still shrink-wrapped, I’m curious as to how they got there and may well investigate further. However, that Roky news has distracted me somewhat… June 18th isn’t far away.

However, there are happenings closer to hand and tomorrow, May the bleedin’ 1st, is the actual release date of the Star Spangles “Dirty Bomb”. I know some of you early birds have done got this particular beastie already but with the £/$ exchange rate you can’t afford not to go and make a deal at CD Baby right now.

More Coyotemen eat The Stooges hijinks. Wee Jimmy and his crew are also part of the Jarvis thing.

Other sizeable news (courtesy of The Barman) is that the actual Saints and not an approximation have a show down under. Details at the I-94.
Alan Vega's "Station" is out today. Mr Thewlis tells me his ATP show was a triumph and may even have a couple of pictures to prove it.
Part of Jarvis Cocker's Meltdown...

Monday 18th June - Roky Erickson plus Clinic Royal Festival Hall, London.

Tickets go on sale this coming Thursday, 3rd May!