Friday, June 26, 2009

The news of Jeannie C. Riley's passing seems, thankfully, to be untrue.

Apologies for any undue alarm this may have caused.

Lenny Helsing on Sky Saxon, Lenny kindly posted this as a comment on RIP - SS, but just incase you don't look at those...

"Yeah I can only add that Sky was something else indeed, and The Seeds were one of the very greatest combos the rock world has ever produced. It was an honour indeed to meet and befriend the great man when he came to play in Aberdeen, and Glasgow, Scotland a few years ago. The group I play for The Thanes were fortunate enough to be the opening group when Sky and his brand new band of Seeds tore it up at Glasgow's King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. Although I only spent a few hours with him over a couple of days, Sky was a very amiable and friendly guy, full of fun and joy, still wanting the best out of life, and telling us he loved the music we were playing, and taking the time to hang out, ask Seedy questions and generally wanting to put the world to rights. And wasn't the Sky Saxon and The Seeds LP 'Red Planet' just the best thing he'd been involved in since the heady daze of the original SEEDS. Oh yeah I really do think so. I think Sky has now truly found the entranceway to play…may the flower lady and her assistant attend your every need…"

From Duglas T Stewart...

"Hi all,

I'm playing a FREE gig at The Goat this Sunday. The line up is- the ultraromantic sounds of Duglas T Stewart and friends, "organic electronica" from Engine'7 and my fave new songwriter Adam Ross (I think he's really brilliant). The fun starts at 8pm.

Mr. Duglas"

RIP - Michael Jackson

Read Johnny Black's RBP blog posting on this here. I think he puts it pretty succinctly.