Sunday, February 20, 2011

ATTENBERG (Trailer) from filmswelike on Vimeo.

"Attenberg" is a strangely compulsive piece. It combines some genuine heart with some toe-curlingly awkward moments to arrive at an downbeatly positive conclusion. Must admit to the hairs standing up on my neck when the credit music cut in. One thing I would say is that the main character Marina is more of an Alan Vega fan than outsight Suicide but many of you will enjoy the exchanges and the way that the music is cut in there, paricularly with regard to "Bebop Kid". I was hoping the director would be there to explain the connection but she wasn't.

There's another aspect to the soundtrack that is cool also but I won't spoil that. For those of you around these parts, the film will be screened again this afternoon at the Cineworld megaplex. Not sure where it stands with regards to distribution in any given territory. I imagine it'll make the rounds on DVD but would be best enjoyed on the big rather than the flat screen.

"The Blank Generation" programme afterwards took place in exactly the same room as the last Suicide show in Scotland. When the CCA opened. It's more of a lecture hall vibe than a proper cinematic experience but it was good to see "Punking Out" with other people. many of whom weren't even born when the material was shot. It was all running late so I left to make the traipse home. Through the war torn streets that is Glasgae on a Saturday night.

Today it's the restored version of "The African Queen" and then more no-wave shenanigans. Topped off with another run through the jungle on this an "auld firm" day.