Sunday, December 23, 2007

Good and not so good news this Christmas eve eve. Glasgow's Grease Monkeys have ceased to be but stand by for news of a phoenix-like rekindling of several of their parts. Colonel James Spence has in the meantime compiled a UK rock-comp entitled "Blighty's Still Smokin'" for the spanking new and esteemed Carbon 14. More about this in due course.
There's other information to convey but there is neither the time or exactly the inclination to get to that now. I've been deflated by the fact that I can't find a link to "Ipod Christmas" by Hello Saferide but i'll be darned if that's not just another shining example of not being able to win 'em all. In a just world, that would be the seasonal chune of choice.

Update at 01.09am - Mr Harry Rag came up this link to HS at Swedesplease from November 28th... Thankyer sir!