Saturday, February 04, 2012

I guess I’m not ready to write anything on here about my dad yet. Will I ever be?

That’s what I’m asking myself right about now. Well-intentioned people are telling me that we need time to grieve but there’s stuff to be done. My brother and I, along with the family are all pretty pragmatic. We have no interest in what is or is not appropriate. Not really. Some antics that some people think are appropriate are distinctly not so. But we’ll give the guy a send-off and a half if at all possible.

But here’s what I’m grieving about to the point of apoplexy. How could people as good and kind be reduced to what’s happened to both of our parents in recent weeks? My dear, dear friend Amy Rigby wrote a song called “Don’t Ever Change”. It’s more of a hymn that most any actual example of that. It includes a line, “I don’t have religion but I’m trying to pray”.

I’m trying for sure but this proves conclusively that this god business is bollocks. If he (it can’t be a she) exists then let it be known that he’s pissed up my back so payback is coming.

Actually, I do have religion – RAMONES. And let us not forget Lux in all this but until there are churches to celebrate them colour me out.

RIP - Ben Gazarra