Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just noticed that I didn’t post anything here on Saturday past. The fact that I thought I had is further grist to the mill with regard to where my heid is. However, activity is on the up and if we can scrape out of September with just one such oversight than that’s not too shabby. There will be times when I am MIA and I’ll tell you right now, I’m not about to be updating this from a bloody phone.

So I’d gone to see a thing called Pompeii: Live. A bit of culture for “Roman Week”. But what did they ever do for us, you may ask? Whatever it was, you can bet your bag of otter’s noses that I won’t be partaking of such a bunfight ever again.

Many of the presenters involved were of that advertorial gushing variety that one would never tire of hitting. Add a whiff of what I perceive those terrible NT cinemacasts to be like and you have something a little short of what I call entertainment. If anyone from the British Museum is tuning in to this – the premise needs a rethink. Encourage people to go to the exhibit by other means because I really don’t think this was a great moving billboard for it.

What it did do was make me think that if there had been an ebay or gumtree in old Pompers then a lot of this junk might have enjoyed another type of recycling. Plus, to add insult to injury. Not one mention of Frankie Howerd. A little Lurcio would have gone a long way.