Sunday, July 20, 2008

37 years ago, I was in the Edinburgh Tattoo. Somewhere around here there's photographic evidence of that. We were paid three quid for the trouble, and I bought Electric Warrior by T.Rex with my divvy. So it's a little odd to be back there on the esplanade watching Wreckless Eric rip it up with The Proclaimers all these years later. 8500 people on a Saturday night, and the rain stayed off so that was a result. It was also just a stone's throw from the place I first encountered the Reid brothers with The Cateran. In fact we walked past the Onion Cellar when we (Amy, Eric and I) were looking for a quiet place to have a coffee and a natter.

We found said sanctuary in The Elephant House. A nice, civilised place away from the stowed pubs that were full of folks limbering up to scream several alternative national anthems til hoarse. I know that's the way we pronounce another animal name up here but I'm referring to the vocal condition. Despite the huge flock and the train coming back being sardine-like, it was all good-natured and there were no real signs of noisy, drunken bastardism at all. There were a couple or three rubber individuals but they stayed schtuum. All I really wanted to do was get back and listen to Eric and Amy's album. Didn't even go for a haggis samosa. It was a full shift but it was great to see those two and they're headed for Inverness to do it all again today. Massive props to The Proclaimers for making it possible.
RIP - Jo Stafford