Friday, February 09, 2007

The absolute apex of the weekend, for me, has to be driving away from work on Friday. The furthest point from having to my carcass back there. I'm weary of the treadmill but needs must but what better way to get geared up for "the weekend" (in the spirit of Friday night as befits the DFFD credo) than a swatch at three NEW YORK LOOSE videos on YouTube. Thanks to Pilly for the heads up. This should set you up nicely to snaffle the new NYL comp that's just about to be issued by Sleazegrinder and will be available via Cargo here.

If ever there there was a combo that deserved to go the whole road, it was this one. Exactly how Brijitte never ended up as a rock'n'roll icon is one of the great mysteries. Maybe they were just too good. That is so often the case... anyway, let's kick off your Friday night with the Loose... SPIT, RIP ME UP, BROKEN
Full details on the comp when I get a hold of it. I'll be back at some juncture but maybe not tonight. My eyes are like pissholes in the snow as it is (how topical!) and well, maybe I is sickening for something or even just plain sick. But not in a good way. The hatch is batoned down. Stay tuned for further bulletins.