Sunday, December 28, 2008

Voladoras in action a little less than 24 hours ago(ish) courtesy of Bgrrrlie!
Its round up time and there are undoubtedly things I’ve missed or forgotten or both. It’s an auld age thing. As always, these are presented alphabetically (by artist). I don’t do numerical. Also, in a bid to have you get a tad interactive, I haven't made links. They're all here though if you use the the sidebar or the search facility at the top. Plus there's always Google or whatever your search engine of choice be. You could be in front of this blighter for hours if yr not careful...

4 songs

Memory LossAdiam Dymott (Razzia) Can’t wait to hear the album, coming soon…

Ron Asheton’s LoafersHyper Plastic (Novoton) The tune lives up to the title.

Sorry SimonJohnny Dongel (Gravelsauce) Primo UK punk rock via NYC.

Good ol’ fashion nightmareMatt and Kim (Green Label Sound)
The next big thing for kids of all ages.

5 blogs

Angel’s Non-Tour Diary – Does exactly what it sez on the masthead.

North Fork Sound Blogspot – Great stories from a guy who was and continues to be there.

So Many Records, So Little Time
Enter a wonderful world you won’t feel much like leaving.

Amy Rigby’s Diary – This lady never loses a beat, you’ve heard her songs – follow her diary. And then click on the link to Eric’s.

The Houndblog – Jim Marshall is another guy with a heckuva way with words. Another lifer.

6 shows

Boonaraaas!!! – London – Always a complete pleasure…

The Dictators – Barcelona – Anthem after anthem after anthem… fuck ac – fucking-dc.

Matt and Kim – Glasgow – This fine Brooklyn couple radiate good vibes and are capable of causing chaos in a live situation.

The Nomads/I Are Droid/Säkert! - Solna/Stockholm –
All in one fantastic evening. There’s photographic evidence so I didn’t dream it…

Suzy & Los Quattro – Barcelona/Madrid – What can I say, they make an old guy who is old enough to know better, renounce his impending senior citizenship. Thanks kids!

Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby - Edinburgh/Glasgow – Two very special entertainers that get better and better every night.

10 albums

Death is not my Destiny – Robert Coyne (Turpentine)
Rob is a genius, time for the world to discover that…

A Fifth of Nowhere – Johnny Dongel (Gravelsauce)
Knockout 1978 stylee pop delivered straight from the heart with no small amount of irony.

More Modern Short Stories from Hello Saferide – Hello Saferide (Razzia) If there is any justice then Annika and her crew will rule this sorry-ass planet by this time next year.

Saving Grace – Scott Kempner (02.59)
Top notch songcraft from another great fella that could use a break or three.

Have You Heard About The World? – The Lost Crusaders (Everlasting) Mike Chandler’s R’nR evangelism is something we could all use a dose of right about now.

The Maxwells – The Maxwells (Staggeroo)
This is so recent that I haven’t even dropped a proper review yet but I will.

Galgberget – Pascal (Novoton)
All in Swedish but pound for pound Pascal kick Glasvegas’ hindquarters up and down the park.

Stick with it! – Suzy & Los Quattro (Wild Punk) Deserves to surpass one million, million sales. Guaranteed to sandblast the cobwebs from the most jaded cynic.

Suicide Live 1977-1978 (Blast First Petite) An audio documentary that you have to experience at least once in your life, start to finish, in one sitting.

Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby (Stiff) Made for themselves to be enjoyed by anyone for an ear for the real deal. I wish it had been a “double”.