Monday, April 30, 2007

It's always good to hang out with old friends. It numbs the daily erosion and general wearing down process. I'm not a team player but maybe could be if it were me picking the squad. Good vibes manifested themselves in a score of Bambi Molesters cds at a Jumble/Garage sale in Glasgow. Still shrink-wrapped, I’m curious as to how they got there and may well investigate further. However, that Roky news has distracted me somewhat… June 18th isn’t far away.

However, there are happenings closer to hand and tomorrow, May the bleedin’ 1st, is the actual release date of the Star Spangles “Dirty Bomb”. I know some of you early birds have done got this particular beastie already but with the £/$ exchange rate you can’t afford not to go and make a deal at CD Baby right now.

More Coyotemen eat The Stooges hijinks. Wee Jimmy and his crew are also part of the Jarvis thing.

Other sizeable news (courtesy of The Barman) is that the actual Saints and not an approximation have a show down under. Details at the I-94.
Alan Vega's "Station" is out today. Mr Thewlis tells me his ATP show was a triumph and may even have a couple of pictures to prove it.
Part of Jarvis Cocker's Meltdown...

Monday 18th June - Roky Erickson plus Clinic Royal Festival Hall, London.

Tickets go on sale this coming Thursday, 3rd May!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Headed for Glasgow in a wee while to hook up with the Goofenhaus kids. One last huzzah before they go back to NYC. Can't believe that yom month of May is on the horizon. After the election on Thursday (3rd), it's widely expected that Scotchland will be independant. On Friday we'll need passports to go over the border... er. If such a thing was ever to happen then they'd probably whap up a big wall and put a big padlock on the one way in and out. Can you imagine the sheer size of arse we'd make of going it alone? Oy and indeed nor'alf. But maybe I'd be pleasantly surprised? Or proved wrong?? I did think that we could maybe go to see The Pastels but that's in Edinburgh today so I've got my bearings scrambled in addition to the ongoing attrition of circumstances. However, if there is indeed a god, then my mitts will finally connect with the Mary Weiss album via Monorail. A visit to 78 (formerly Stereo) is also on the cards. A couple of things you may like to check out meantime if you find yourself in the hoose. I should add that is not a hip hop reference. It merely means your abode in this case. Apologies to any hipsters who were hoping for the latter...

The Coyotemen celebrating Jimmy's 60th with a surftastic take on "No Fun".

Les Wadbillys.
"Get your advance tickets. The show will sell out!


Saturday, May 5- Jensen Rec Centers
Curated by Ian Brennan
MusicPass accessible; tickets also available at the door.

Saturday, May 5 the Silver Lake Film festival celebrates the rich-history of Chicano rock music in East Los Angeles from Lalo Guerrerro to War to Los Lobos. The evening will feature performances by Dios Malos, Lysa Flores (1997 Independent SPIRIT debut-performance nominee for the film "Star Maps"), Ollin, The Revolts (featuring Jonathan Velasquez, star Larry Clark's "Wassup Rockers"), and culminating with the grand finale of 1970's punk-legend Alice Bag being presented with the MUSIC PIONEER AWARD and her performing a song by The Bags for the first time in decades.

Saturday, May 5: Cinco de Mayo showcase, Jensen Rec Center in Silver Lake, featuring Alice Bag, Dios Malos, Lysa Flores, Ollin, The Revolts. MUSIC PIONEER AWARD: ALICE BAG (put alice bag in the search) (yes, come after the fight!)"

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Black Lips first foray into these parts last night was a short sharp jag. Opening for some guy by the name of Bobby Conn who was a serious mis-match of the kind you hardly ever see anymore. So this meant that The Lips were onstage by 8 and off at 8.30. Their agitated Electric Eels meet The Fleshtones mercybeat is delivered with train-like percussion. Sometimes it swings, sometimes it heads off into outer space. Despite what seemed like the soundguy's best intentions to have it jump the tracks, they made it to the next station. Jed, the drummers big beat, no frills tub-thump really allows the sound to surf over the top. Like a particularly malevolent wave breaking on the shore into fuzzed, psyche shards. It’s all fairly chaotic, much like Cole Alexander's barnet. A Mary Chain by way of the Thompson Twins hedgerow, bordering on being a hair-don’t. They’re at The Classic Grand in Glasgow tonight so cut along and give them some moral support. They’re all over Europe like a rash and back in Glasgow on June 4th. An appearance at the very fine Debaser in Stockholm is coming up on Friday May 11th and also at the Malmo branch the next night. A full list of shows running into June is here. The Munster dvd should also be available any minute now.
Bobby Conn started his set with a movement that approximated a Gibb Brother (you decide which) being accompanied by Hawkwind but the resultant noise wasn't as interesting a canvas as that might suggest. We made it out into the night to grab a couple of haggis samosas, a little fusion cuisine fast food.

Due to continuing stuff and nonsense here, I haven't been in a position to file a report on the Danny and Dusty thing from last week. One of just three shows in the UK on their way to Europe. They do that bar-music pretty good and Dan Stuart has a kind of Hunter S. Thompson doing John Belushi thing going on. Wee bit of Phil Alvin too. Some “hobbit-rock” combo called Porcupine Tree was giving it big licks upstairs in the bigger venue. Every now and again the noise would emerge and try to engulf D&D. “Song for the Dreamers” is one of the great anthems and no amount of prog thunder can halt it. I haven’t heard their new Blue Rose release but the material they did from that sounded pretty good. The whole band was right on the money and sometimes it really soared. If they roll into a venue anywhere near where you are, then head along. This damn thing is still playing up but stay tuned as much keyboard rassling is on the cards.
And how's this for a segue... from Black Lips to Wooden Shjips...

Friday, April 27, 2007

RIP - Bobby "Boris" Pickett (he did the mash...)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

There's an ongoing problem here. Some e-mail makes it out and some doesn't. And vice versa. If you've been sending messages and they bounce back or whatever then I've no idea why that's happening. By the time I've sat in front of one of these things day in and day out then the spirit isn't exactly willing to get all square-eyed at home. I don't want people to think that they're being ignored though so please bear with this glitsch. Seems there's no immediate known solution to what might be happening but the contact info via this thing seems to work. I've tried it myself from other terminals. Myspace has been kicking me out again too so it's difficult to get anything done with that flippin' carry on too.
Plus, tonight, I'd much rather be at The Scientists than futzing around here but them's the breaks. Hopefully we'll get a wee report on that. It's bound to be a blinder.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sign the petition here!
"Psychotic Reaction Films presents
"Ghost on the Highway"
A portrait of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and the Gun Club@The Bernard Shaw, Portobello, Dublin 8
live performances by The Things and Friends
w/ Love Action Dj'sSunday 6th of May 8pm

"GHOST ON THE HIGHWAY"A Portrait of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club"Ghost on the Highway" is the provocative new feature documentary which examines and celebrates the late Jeffrey Lee Pierce in all his puckish, shit-stirring glory. The film is a two-fingered salute in honor of Pierce's legendary band The Gun Club, one of the most notorious and incendiary in the history of American popular music.
"Ghost on the Highway" boasts comprehensive interviews with ex-Gun Club members Kid Congo Powers, Ward Dotson, Terry Graham, Jim Duckworth and Dee Pop, as well as observations and revelations from Pierce intimates such as Dave Alvin ("Blasters"), John Doe ("X"), Henry Rollins ("Black Flag;" "Rollins Band"), Mike Martt ("Tex and The Horseheads") and Peter Case ("Plimsouls"). Lemmy Kilmister ("Motorhead") makes a special appearance with an aim to excoriate the record industry."Ghost" is directed by Kurt Voss and edited by Andrew R. Powell. Voss and Powell also act as producers on the highly anticipated film, which delivers new insights into the volatile psyche of bandleader Jeffrey Lee Pierce, who died at age 37 after a life of self-abuse which was, by turns, both riotous and tragic.Still criminally undervalued, the Gun Club were the first group to fuse punk and blues, thus paving the way for more high profile contemporary acts like The White Stripes.The release of "Ghost on the Highway" marks the ten year anniversary of Jeffrey Lee Pierce's death.This film showing also features live performances by The Things and Friends!!!!! Dont miss it!!!!!!!!!!!"
The Scientists (en route to The Spitz and ATP) will reduce Resonance FM to swampland between 7 and 8pm this very evening. You can listen to the stramash here. Not sure if it would be available as a stream later but y'never know...

Monday, April 23, 2007

"Influential 70’s art-punks, The Skids will be playing a one off headline show at the Glen Pavilion in their hometown of Dunfermline on Thursday 5th July 2007. Celebrating their 30th anniversary, this gig comes just days before The Skids take to the Main Stage at T in the Park. Before splitting in 1982, they released 4 albums and had 10 chart singles including, Into The Valley, Working For The Yankee Dollar and The Saints Are Coming (recently rerecorded by U2 and Green Day). Founding member Stuart Adamson went on to form the hugely successful Big Country before his untimely death in 2001 and Richard Jobson had a successful career as a writer and presenter before moving into film where he’s enjoyed success with films such as 16 Years Of Alcohol which he wrote and directed.

Jobson will be joined on stage by original bass player Bill Simpson, drummer Mike Baillie and Big Country’s Bruce Watson will fill Adamson’s role on guitar. Tickets are on sale today!

The Skids, Glen Pavilion, Dunfermline, Thursday 5th July

BUY NOW! (Please note: Tickets will be limited to 4 tickets per person.) "

Sunday, April 22, 2007

For some reason, until I was at the SYLQ show in London a couple of weeks ago, I never heard of The Mockers. Los Mockers, the Uruguay 60’s mob yes, but not the American variety. It’s been my loss. Anyway, “The Lonesome Death of Electric Campfire” is a fine example of the intersection between superior power punk and NRBQ. And of course, the kids in Spain love them. They’re even on the same label as Nice Man and the Bad Boys. But let’s make up for lost time, “Real Enough For Me” chimes in with that guitar thing that does it everytime. “Doin’ Time” really reminds me of Guadalcanal Diary. So much so that I’d swear that Murray Attaway was singing.
This is a prime example of how roots rock can just bubble away in niche markets which of course is a great thing. It makes a nonsense of the “machine” and indicates that profile should never be confused with an actual hard and fast audience, irrespective of location. If MTV had any power any more then “The Emperor Strikes Out” would be all over it like mud on a pig, you can see the video here. Ever wonder what “Ca Plane Pour Moi” would sound like with a Fastbacks type rocket strapped to it’s arse? While you’re at it, check out “Highway Star”, that’s what really tipped me over the edge. You can always tell the calibre of a band by their cover versions and this to me signals the complete and utter genius of this band.
If you’re a long-standing NBT reader and you know what makes this tick then you’ll really get off on this record. They make the kind of noise that saves souls. At least while it’s flying out of the speakers. Teenage Fanclub types will find much to sooth the cravings also. Put simply, this is perfect pop music. The kind that will always be around to help us out of grave situations.

On the flipside of that is a group called The New York Loose that should have been a legend in their lifetime. Thankfully, even although they gave up, they never gave in. “Born To Loose” is a collection of rare and live sides that indicates just how great they were. It’ll hopefully provide those who never came across them with the smarts to petition a reissue of their fantastic “Year of the Rat” album that came out on Hollywood Records many moons ago. Brijitte West should have been a star. She should have been on the cover of all the magazines. However, the various powers that were, blew it. Imagine if The Dolls were The Sweet fronted by Suzi Quatro channelling Chrissie Hynde. Man. This lassie could pout and by all accounts still can. That’s why she’s giving this rock thing another roll of the dice. “Bitch” starts the whole ball rolling with that patented NY skirl that makes our eyes water every time. The kind that very few bands this side of The Star Spangles are capable of wrangling. “We are the monolith kids” goes the chorus of track two and they were so right. “Pretty Suicide” is THE glitter rock anthem in waiting. I could describe them all to you but wouldn't you rather bathe in the glam-deur yourself? There are 19 tracks and an added bonus of video enhancements. “Lord Won’t You Send Me A Devil” sends me spinning back to the Lower East side watching The World Famous Blue Jays bring down that amphetamine country which was much in its infancy at the time. Brijitte also had a band called San Dusky after the Loose called it a day which carried that roots sound into a more contemporary setting. It too should have put the lady on the map but they were gone almost as soon as they started. Look out for NYL shows to tie in with the release, check out their myspace page for details. You can bone up on the history and make like you were into them all along.
It's out May 14th but you can pre-order it here.

Better late than never after all. Just like me and The Mockers.

Sort of wanted to see The Drones tonight but the thought of three bands at Barfly is too much for a school night. Maybe I could go see The Choke on Tuesday instead and leave before Theatre of Hate. That could be a plan? Still smarting at not being able to see The Scientists on Thursday but what's a skint, burned out guy to do. At this point, The Black Lips seem like a poor substitute but let's give 'em the benefit of the doubt. Thinking about it is making my head nip so out into the fresh air I go...

SOS 1st Birthday Bash

Featuring live sets from wacky Stockholm minstrels,
THE MEXICOS and special secret guests,
plus SOS DJs spinning the usual mix of super Swedish pop!

Friday, May 11, 9pm to 1am, 4GBP entry

RAFA Club, 27 Ashley Street, G3 6DR, 0141-332 4465

SOS: Sounds of Sweden is celebrating its first birthday on Friday, May 11 and we're doing it in style, with a live set from wacky Stockholm collective THE MEXICOS and special secret guests! We've had an exciting first year, packed with spectacular live performances and fantastic floor-filling sets from both resident and guest DJs. We've played host to a diverse mix of artists in a variety of venues, from Swedish-language crooners Vapnet, who wooed a seated crowd at an intimate Sleazy's gig, to elusive underground electro producer Mr Suitcase, who set the dance floor alight at a packed Admiral Bar. For many of the musicians, it was the first time they had played outside of Sweden, and after the warm reception they received, most are already planning return trips. Founder Stacey Shackford has a nose for sniffing out new up-and-coming talent, and several SOS acts have gone on to be nominated for the Manifest Awards, Sweden's version of the Emmys, including Maia Hirasawa, Hello Saferide, Blood Music, Vapnet and Suburban Kids With Biblical Names. SOS has appeared in several publications and music web sites, both in Sweden and the UK, including a special feature on Swedish pop in the Guardian. We have worked together with other Glasgow venues and promoters (including Out To Play, El Rancho Relaxo, Dolly Mixture, Edinburgh University Indie Society, Pop Theory, Drunk At The Pulpit and The Winchester Club) to facilitate opportunities for Swedish acts we couldn't fit on our bill, and have also helped to build a network of other Swedish club nights across the UK. And we recently teamed up with Stockholm club Starfly to expand - and possibly export! - our operations. We simply love Swedish pop and our mission is purely to help the artists and promote it in any way we can, and to that effect we operate as a non-profit. This year promises to be just as exciting, starting with our birthday celebrations on May 11. We'll be returning to the place where it all kicked off a year ago (Friday, May 12, 2006 to be exact) - The RAFA Club on Ashley Street in the Woodlands area of Glasgow. With their crazy repertoire of cheesy yet genius electro covers of artists like Toto, Bryan Adams and Aaliyah, THE MEXICOS will surely get the party hopping. The Stockholm collective features Mikael Hall, Douglas Holmquist and an ever-changing motley crew of friends, including members of Oh Sweet Music and Suburban Kids With Biblical Names (who will also be playing a gig at Nice n Sleazy two days earlier, on Wednesday, May 9). It will be their first UK appearance.There will also be surprise guests doing their own covers of Swedish songs, and other special treats!

The Mexicos:

additional MP3s:

Sounds of Sweden:

A full list of acts we have helped bring over in 2006/07:

Elias Akesson (of Elias and the Wizzkids)/Irene/Southside Stalkers/Moneyflight/My Darling YOU!/Blood Music/Fine Arts Showcase/Boy Omega/Suburban Kids With Biblical Names/Maia Hirasawa/
Hello Saferide/Vapnet/The Loveninjas/Bjorn Kleinhenz/Television Keeps Us Apart/Mr Suitcase/Sebastian Fors and the Ones That Got Away/A Smile And A Ribbon/Thomas Denver Jonsson

Saturday, April 21, 2007

'BEATSVILLE' & 'Beatsville Records'
present a special launch night featuring

Les BOF!


Edinburgh's Beatsville announces the launch of its own label BEATSVILLE RECORDS.

Our first two releases are both compilations:

On 10" Vinyl 'BEATSVILLE SOUND No 1.' With The Wildebeests, The Thanes, Keith Douglas, The Rohypsters, Preston Pfanz & The Seaton Sands, The Fnords, Harmonica Matt, Les BOF!

And, on CD 'GARDYLOO - Edinburgh's Detritus 1983 - 2003' an historical 28 track collection of Edinburgh garage rock'n'roll featuring The Green Telescope, The Stayrcase, Rubber Dolfinarium, The Dragsters, The Vultures, The Offhooks, Greathead Briggs and many more.
As this thing was being put through its paces, someone is committing the ultimate EPK to the mail in between slayings. It all looks like computer graphics and very YouTube generation in the way it was rolled out. Like 9/11 looked like "Die Hard". You couldn't make it up. If you did the reaction would be "your arse, that could never happen". Life imitating art imitating life can often seem far-fetched. That this guy was disturbed is simply the tip of the iceberg. Much airtime is being spent on the nature of his operation but ultimately he failed. Little or nothing is ever "remembered" these days except by those that it directly affects. Nothing much really sticks to what is left to the minds of anybody. How can you stop this kind of incident? You can’t. I found this piece (April 19th post)which put a better perspective on what went down than the many acres of press coverage.

During my computerless days there, I learned that a colleague at work knew that there was an election coming up here in Scotland but didn’t know when. And that he probably wouldn't vote anyway. It’s true, people aren’t included but they have to make an effort. There's too much as stake. The run-up is a freak show and not in a good way like the SYLQ song. What was it that Iggy said? "I don't believe in anything, I don't stand for nothin'". It’s all come true. Just like 1969. In the weekend of Jimmy's birthday, he's been born out to be something of a scuzz rock Nostradamus. Pity he made "The Weirdness" and spoiled it. But nothing lasts forever. Far as I can tell. And anything good lasts even less long.

As always, following a period sans computer, I detest the dependancy that comes along with the device and wonder exactly now I can beat this addiction. After all, I have managed not to succumb to the mobile phone menace and also a couple of other blots on the modern landscape that labour under the misinterpretation of convenience. I do have a phone but only for use in an emergency or to make arrangements on the hoof. I ain't never done the "i'm on the train/bus". Nor have I ever wandered along the road staring at a phone screen. My wee, fat sausage-like fingers weren’t made for texting. Seguing into related territory. I'm from Barcelona (T Mobile) and Peter, Bjorn and the other fella (Sky TV) are the latest acts to fall victim of TV advertising. In past times, this might have scored both a hit but with everything fragmentised then all it does is get it into the ears of people who are quite patently over-stimulated.

So hopefully you folks on the eastern seaboard didn't take the predicted hammering? I haven't seen or heard anything on the news. Do you buy into all this climate change/global warming malarky. Granted it has been unseasonably warm here but a clobbering back to winter could come at anytime. Seems to me like this is the latest weapon to beat us with. The double edged sword of the planet going down the pan and "terrorism (TM)". I don't trust anything I see or hear anymore, even when I see and hear it for myself, especially when I see and hear it myself. Last night, I dreamt that I quit blogging. It felt pretty good to the point that I was a little disoriented until I switched on the computer and found out that we were still "broadcasting".
So that’s some kind of convoluted way of saying I’m back. At least for the time being. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing because I have a backlog of mail and info to dig through that would choke a cyber-horse. And remember, The Choke are at all over the UK opening for Theatre Of Hate. More as I figure you need to hear it, including a Danny and Dusty report from Wednesday’s Glasgow show. Meanwhile here are details of the upcoming Americana weekend in Glasgow. A "pass" ticket is also available for £36.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kim Fowley, The Rising Storm, Wildebeests and Jacqueline Taïeb all scheduled for the next Primitive fest...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

OK, i'm "off the air" now until at least Thursday... them is indeed the breaks.

Check this out in the meantime... (link via e-mole)
RIP - Don Ho

Mr Spence has the follwing information for you...

The Grease Monkeys are comin' visiting some of our English friends this weekend, here's the lowdown...

FRIDAY 20TH APRIL (Hitler's birthday) at JUNKTION 7, Canning Circus, Nottingham, NG7 3GE; £5; 9pm - 2am
SONIC DIRT proudly presents a Night of Tributes to the World's Forgotten Birthday Boy - Iggy Pop - featuring

SATURDAY 21ST APRIL (Iggy's birthday) at THE MAGNET, Hardman Street, Liverpool, L1 9AS; £5; 9pm - 2.30am
THE GO-GO CAGE presents
LADY LUCK'S BURLESQUE BEAUTIES ...yup, s'right - burlesque dancers!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bootleg Booze is a Swedish label that specializes in the rock that only Scandanavia seems capable of rolling out…

The Deadbeats will appeal to those who dig The Hellacopters but with a twist of Thin Lizzy thrown into the mix. “Long Hard Nights” will push all the right buttons because it’s made with a lot of panache. Bringing the finest ingredients of Australian and Detroit to Sweden where it seems to be the perfect environment for it to breed like topsy. A question of temperature indeed. The “Come Clean” EP has 4 tracks, one of them is Cheap Trick’s “He’s A Whore” and you can always tell how cool a band is by the calibre of their cover versions and that famous guitar lick is Dictatorised and as you can imagine that scores pretty much a bullseye around these parts.

Ever consider what Nine Pound Hammer going on “Stars In Your Eyes” as a cross between Mud and The Ramones might sound like? Well, The Accidents are waiting to happen in exactly that holding pattern. To consider that their shows might be a tad boisterous is perhaps an understatement. To be this loud and fast yet retaining that melodic pop edge is some kinda high wire act but they make it across and back time after time with no safety net in sight. "Kings of the Night" is like The Aliens reinventing "This Ain't The Summer of Love". Or even The Clash on the odd occasion when they ripped it up.

The Hangmen Vs The Supersuckers 45 offers “Never Go Home” and “Trouble Man” in an old, loud and snotty demeanour. Rough as a bears arse and flying a rocktastic flag for the sound we veterans will never tire of punching the air to.

The Incubators are from Oslo but suffer the same condition as their label mates. They’ve been sentenced to make the sign of the devil like they just don’t care. These guys remind me of the great b-sides that The Sweet used to bolster their more bubblegum tunes with. Semblance of vintage Alice Cooper in there too. Onetime Gluecifer and Tip Topper alumnus, there’s definitely a bit more glam about this but it swings no less for it. Like Dave Champion sez in the liner notes “Parasite in Paradise sounds like Roky Erickson if he ever got to Scanadanavia”. That scenario is about to happen. Incidentally the Rok is at the Bowery Ballroom in New York tonight. It’s set to be a cold, wet night there. Hold the alligators willya? Final song on the EP is “Vision Express”, crying out to be the theme song of the chain of opticians stores here in the UK. It’s even more reminiscent of our favourite martian and could well be the greatest slice of Norwegian rock since The Tracemen’s “She’s Got A Hard-On”.

Urkke T and the Midlife Crisis are a Scando supergroup with a backyard baby, a maggot, a hellacopter and a maryslim belting out punk rock classics the way only such a crew could. High octane thrills and fun, fun, fun until your daddy wrestles that firearm outta your mitt. They seldom make them like this anymore. Covers of The Users, The Warheads and The Avengers rejuvenated and pogoing harder than the originals ever did.

Mary’s Kids “Destroy” is perhaps the best of the bunch. Like Suzi Quatro fronting Radio Birdman with a chorus worthy of Slade. A rendezvous of sonics and then some. Very sharp revved-up run through of Ike Turner’s “I’m Fed Up” on the flip will make sure you end up anything but. That mood should remain intact just so long as you keep flipping the record over. I can’t legislate for the bummer that might ensue when you stop.

You can check out the sounds and all the info at the BB site, just click on the link back there and get lost in the waves of unbridled rock action.
This is not a gig poster, it's a serious plea for information... click on the image to enlarge.
The gods or who/whatever continue to conspire agin me and this portal is acting up again into the bargain. This may result in no more posts for the next day or three but we'll see... there also seems to be an ongoing e-mail problem, so if you've sent a message and got no reply over the past week then use the contact link here because that "seems" to work.

Anyway, have a look at this Germs story if you're bored. (link courtesy of Bruce Bennett)

More US Punk Rock, The Choke (pictured) are headed your way opening for Theatre of Hate over the next week or so. Tuts in Glasgow on Tuesday (24th).

Danny and Dusty at Glasgow ABC2 on Wednesday.

Good luck to all the folks in the tri-state area and above and below these parts, who are expecting a big storm today. Hopefully it'll just be "wind and pish" on the behalf of the forecasters and you come out unscathed.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Checks and balances, swings and roundabouts, all part of the day to day tolerance testing. I was having a pretty good week all told until last night when it all sped downhill pretty rapidly. Nothing to do with The Sopranos (which was great, and was over by the time the phone rang). Nowt I can exactly drag through the neighbourhood. Just plain bad news that affects people that I have some concern for. Once again, a perspective not exactly considered, comes crashing into view, all a far cry from where I was at this time last Friday.

But hey, existence must go on and will go on regardless. Waiting (im)patiently for the WFMU archive of Amy Allison's sesh on "Give The Drummer Some" earlier today. Will post when available. Meanwhile, check out this review of "Everything And Nothing Too" to get you in the mood...

(Update at 7.40am - Saturday...)

It's up there, setlist is...

Don't You Know Anything/Don't Go to Sleep/Don't Go Downtown/Out of Sight, Out of Mind/Have You No Pride?/Listeless and Lonesome/Every Day Is Like Sunday/Was/Pretty Things to Buy/Baby You're the One/Moonlight on the Mountains/Rose Red

live on WFMU. Absolutely sodding priceless... Whole show is cool, Amy comes on about 2 hours in. Abetted by Pete Galub on guitar.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

OK so i'm just about to sit down to watch The Sopranos so this'll be short and sweet.

Some stuff you might care to schedule should you be in the locale of such happenings...

Kill Your Timid Notion in Dundee this weekend.

The Spitz Festival of Blues (all through April) including The Scientists on the 26th. They should be landing in Spain right about now to tear the place up starting tomorrow.

Le Weekend in Stirling (last weekend in May)

Hello Saferide is headed for Japan. Shows next week.

To the dvd player it is then...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lucky 13! - That's where Maia Hirasawa hit in the Swedish album charts today!

No need to call out the taste police in that territory then...

(Thanks to Martina for the info)
RIP - Terry Hall (Not the guy from The Specials)
"Mark Perry of Sniffin' Glue and Alternative TV fame is appearing at the Filthy Macnasty's Whiskey Cafe, Amwell St London (nr Angel tube) on April 12th - entrance is FREE!!! He'll be having a talk about punk (as the venue is linked to a punk posters exhibition) - playing a few songs with myself on guitar and Steve Carter on bass (the stage is too intimate for as drumkit!) and taking a few questions afterwards.

Be there!!! Or be somewhere else....."

Info from Lee McFadden
This is part of a weekend of events taking place in Glasgow at the end of May. I would urge people in Central scotland to support this. As I would urge people in all countries to support people who are trying to organise shows outside of the "circuit". I think Robbie may also be doing Newcastle and London so if you haven't seen him then treat yourself. He has a double live album coming on Yep Roc this May 1st. It could very well be the Americana "On Your Feet Or On Your Knees". Visit the Fallen Angels Website for further details. I'll post more as it becomes available. incidentally, FA are putting on Heidi Talbot at Brel in Ashton Lane tonight...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Well there goes Easter in the rear-view. Anybody out there heard this group - The Cloned Wolves? Pretty good name. And topical. Don't really have the inclination to tap away here for much longer. Had two instances of power flicker, maybe a third will take the power straight out. Hopefully not before the tape of the last "Life On Mars" episode is completed.
Hit earth with a bump today after the highs of Suzy & Los Q but who knows what tomorrow might bring. Maybe even a proper blog entry...

Monday, April 09, 2007

There’s been a slew of commemorative 30 year milestones lately. They’ve been turning up like buses. My latest is darkening the door of the 100 Club in London and it hasn’t changed at all, at least not noticeably. Yer veritable Oxford St time capsule. T’was also the anniversary of The Adverts “Crossing The Red Sea”. TV Smith didn’t go the way that so many “survivors” do and devalue the material that meant so much all those moons ago. It would have been nice to see Gaye brandish a bass again to be sure but one presumes that she doesn’t have the notion to. But the next best option is to enlist the aid of some firebrands from Spain who know the songs inside out and can inject them with new-found propulsion.
That “secret weapon” is The Bored Teenagers and they are to TV what The Wondermints are to Brian Wilson. Smith has worked long and hard to maintain a career and his relish to keep moving forward is what sets him apart from so many contemporaries. To see him invigorated and quite obviously loving it was a real treat. He’s a great performer. Pure and simple. Maybe not rich but what he has in terms of respect from his audience is worth more than bagfuls of filthy lucre. There was a healthy contingent of folks from all over that made the pilgrimage because they believe. An interesting notion in these days where individuals switch allegiance more often than socks. I hope that they can do more shows and that you folks can see it in full flight. There’s some YouTube stuff to give you a flavour here and here. And you can check out the TV website here. It was also very cool to meet Kris Needs. Nice geezer. He even had a cheeky wee play of The Vice Creems at the end of the night. Bless.

And those “Teenagers”? Well they’re three-fifths of Suzy Y Los Quattro. Having missed their UK debut last May in Liverpool, I wasn’t about to miss out again. Imagine The Ramones fronted by Brenda Lee. Or maybe Debbie Harry with Screeching Weasel or indeed neither of those but you'll get the idea. Suzy Chain is the kind of performer that could have legions of young (and old) males crying themselves to sleep the way that some of my crew used to sob over Clare Grogan. There’s a risqué innocence (or should that be innocent risquéness) about the way she prowls the stage, cute as the proverbial button. These are infectious metallic teenage bubblepunk anthems. A cover of “Rock’n’Roll Love Letter” favours The BCR version over that of The Records. That small detail outlines these kids supreme-eority. Of course that’s not a real word but it ought to be. A fleeting visit by the aforementioned TV Smith feller during “New Church” was a nice touch also and added to the sense of occasion.
It felt like the spirit of Joey was there in the room smiling on us, bathing the attendant crew in his positive vibes. I know he approves from that big Paul’s Lounge in the sky. I’m not prone to this type of thing, but from the minute they took the stage a big fat grin broke out across my kisser. It was seamless, bang, bang, bang. Jonathan told me that he was given some sage advice by the Handsome One during a Dictators tour of Spain that he really took to heart. SyLQ are fun personified and have the power to make you forget that outside of the venue that there’s a big, fat greasy world that’s out to fuck you up. This is good old loud pop music, bashed out the way nature intended by very cool people. A very special commodity.

Part of another fine DWC triumph curated by Prof. Crittenden, Los Cretinos started the evening well but played just a tad too long. The Demons Claws drew the short straw and had to follow Suzy. Their southern-countrified space rock didn’t hold no water for me. Perhaps under different circumstances, where we hadn’t just been rocked within an inch of making fools of ourselves. Dave liked them. He bought their cd. They also have a split 45 out with The Black Lips on Norton as well as recording for Larry Hardy’s “In The Red”. They have excellent credentials like these and an upcoming French show with The Fleshtones. TDC have all this but no Suzy Chain.
The Hollywood Sinners name doesn’t do them justice. It sounds generic and conjures up dice and lucky 13 tattoos but they specialise it short sharp blues jags. Like Mudhoney wrestling the Sensational Alex Harvey Band while rolling down a flight of stairs to the soundtrack of a rockier end Real Kids. To say they’re “hopped-up” is an understatement, like a bunch of hyperactive kids od’d on e-numbers. It’s a crazy, no holds barred spectacle and they cover The Len Bright Combo so what’s not to love.

And it’s all over, quicker than it began. Four bands is sort of too much to take in. Particularly when one of them is as sharp as my friends from Barcelona. It’s another steee-rike for the enclave of good music that is the Dirty Water. The Boston Arms is a mighty good home. Met a lot of great people over the course of the whistle stop including Chris and Clive from the Surfin’ Lungs who are headed for Spain to tour very soon. That country is giving the rest of the world a good rattle around the face in terms of rock’n’roll appreciation. Me, I have to brave the garden now and tussle with the hayfever fairies in a bit to tidy the bloody place up. I’ll be hyperventilating by the time I come back in but it’s about time I was punished. I just had 48 straight hours of hijinks after all.

Photos from DWC by Martin Percival

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Aye... well today didn't exactly unfurl as planned so this is probably it. Certain commitments to fulfil and I've been engrossed in the Peter C Johnson dvd that HT kindly sent. While you folks have been gorging yerselves sick on the old chocolat it's been nowt but yaka yaka around here.

And you Americans start the final Sopranos semester tonight too. Crikey. In nine weeks it'll all be over.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

If you live in Brighton or thereabouts then you should be cutting along to The Engine Room to catch Suzy Y Los Quattro right about now. Full report on the DWC show coming soon.

Just back from "The London", innit. Sorry folks, a small attack of the "Parsons" there...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

"The MC5 is historically significant and its music and story merit being heard today.
The film had and still has the potential to spread the music and story of the MC5."

MC5 - A True Testimonial, the findings, courtesy of Detroit Tango.

You may have to refresh your browser a couple of times, it's intermittent. bear with it...

launch their 8th LP 'A Night In Great King Street'
available from Larsen Records.
plus surfin' instrumentalists THE NUKES
and the Edinburgh debut of


Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Keizo Matsuo: guitar, vox
Masafumi "Marya" Koyama: guitar, screams
Ray Bcanero Shinnosuke: bass
Taichi: drums

You may need to wear a helmet and body armour for protection but you don’t want to miss the glorious, physical insanity of a King Brothers performance. From Osaka, Japan, the King Brothers combine the elements of every vital era of rock ‘n' roll music into one reverb drenched ball of sound that will make your jaw drop…or break (depending on how close you’re standing!). This is very wild music and they take it very seriously. The King Brothers have toured Europe, the US and of course Japan leaving a trail of blind worshippers in their wake. Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion (with whom they’ve toured twice) produced their album “6 x 3”. Now it’s Australia and New Zealand’s chance to witness what all the fuss is about.

In-Fidelity Records is releasing the King Brothers’ mighty album, Blues, in time for the tour. It’s a brutal, take-no-prisoners explosion of guitar and drums and vocals that leaves speaker cones shredded and begging for mercy.

As an added tour bonus, the album comes with a bonus DVD of an entire King Brothers live show (plus two video clips).

The KING BROTHERS are the new face of rock n' roll music.

"The King Brothers are the best rock n' roll band in the world"… Eric Oblivian (The Oblivians)

"See them before they all die of heart attacks"… Exile Osaka magazine


Thur 19 April - Crown & Anchor, Adelaide
Fri 20 April - Espy Front Bar, St Kilda
Sat 21 April - Exile On Smith, Collingwood
Tue 24 April - The Tote, Collingwood (Anzac Day Eve)
Thur 26 April - Rics, Brisbane
Fri 27 April - Spectrum, Sydney

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

There's a Suicide box being put together for release sometime in 2008. The folks who are assembling this time capsule are looking for posters, articles, photos and just about anything to annotate their journey. Know the whereabouts of the axe (and we're not talking guitar here) that flew past Alan's napper at the Glasgow Apollo? Then you can give the curators a holler via this very blogspot.

And just 20 days to go until the new Alan Vega album "Station" comes out on Mute/EMI.
"All hail, kits'n'kittens!

First off, we'd like to wish Parsley at very happy 45th birthday, and say thanks for inviting us to play at his secret birthday party in Acton Town over the weekend - The Stripchords are available for weddings, parties, naughty parties, burlesque shows, vicar's conventions, bar mitzvahs, etc, at very enticing rates, contact us for details...

Secondly, we're pleased as gosh-all to be play at old pal Healer Selecta's Raison d'Etre Bash at Londinium's Cargo this Friday April 6th (that's Good Friday, for all you god-botherers, or Bob Hoskins worshippers!), a "Tiki Swing Party" with the mostest! Details below, courtesy of the Reason2B massive, and it's FREE ENTRY BEFORE 9PM!!!!

Mizz Lager-Shandy and Mizz Stephanie will be go-go and hula dancing with us on Friday, and BigKegShandy will also take a turn on the wheels of polycarbonate, spinning a selection of hot 45s, including The Marquees' "Wyatt Earp", Johnny Johnson's "Lone Ranger's Gonna Get Married", and just cos it's Easter, Otis Williams' "Jesus Is A Soul Man"... The Stripchords will be on hiatus from mid-April to early-May, and then back with a bang at the Gypsy Hotel on May 18th... Hope to see ya on Friday, don't eat too much Caramac in the meantime...
The Stripchords

Raison d'Etre Tiki Swing Party
When : Friday 6th April
Time : 8pm/3am
Entry : FREE b4 9, £10 after / *£7 Raison D'Etre members
Students : as member
Where : Cargo, Rivington St, London
Step Right up folks, step Right up! We are back at Cargo for an unique event. We will start with some Afro-Latin Beatnick fiesta beat from Peyoti For President, then THE STRIPCHORDS will bring their smokin' Sleazy Vegas Grind Striper sound with plenty of houlala DJ Big K Shandy Drivin boogaloo and juicy Rhythm & Blues Size 9 will bring an other gallon of fuel in the fire with they frantic Buttshaking Soul Funk Ska Boogaloo live session with plenty of mini skirts...
PLUS!!! D.I.R.E.C.T from PARIS ! The incredible MIMI DE MOMTMATRE, can't tell you more...SURPRISE!! The DustAphonics + HEALER & The STORM (Live PA) with the wonderful Aina and finally the "piece de resistance" with HEALER Selecta's 3 hours set of maximum action packed dance floor filler! Yes Ladies and Gentlemen an evening to remember indeed !!...
*For all members and friends, If you would like to be on the £7 guest list, please send a email with full names at before 5th of April midnight
David Thomas and Laurel Legler have won their long, drawn-out court battle and MC5 - A True Testimonial has been vindicated. What started off as a labour of love turned into a full blown nightmare and I hope that the victory gives the individuals involved some solace. It's not clear what the next step will be or even if the documentary will ever come out properly. They probably can't believe that it's over. I hope they can get back to their lives now. They made a great film that has been done a considerable dis-service. If you ever get to see it then you'll be glad you did.


I'll post the link to the full details as soon as it becomes available.

Monday, April 02, 2007

I was going to go and donate blood tonight on the way home but I hate the sports centre place that they use now so decided against it. I'll save it for the proper Transfusion Centre in Glasgow... so lets hook you up with some entertainment...
The Ramones live at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in 1988 on YouTube in two parts. It'll be coming down soon so see it while you can... 1, 2, 3, 4.... (thanks to Duano for the tip-off).
Brother Don out yonder in SF saw Cyril Jordan with the Hoodoo Gurus last night. He broke out his new Fender Strat on "bittersweet", "teenage head" and "shake some action" by all accounts. (Thanks to Bro' Patrick for that YouTube link - 04/04/07)
Suzy Y Los Quattro at the Dirty Water this coming Friday with The Hollywood Sinners and The Demon's Claws. Not to be confused with the sanity clause.
Might be back later, might have crashed out in front of the TV. Might have just crashed...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

30 friggin' years! Hey, here's some NBT approved Youtube links for further celebration: Blue Oyster Cult, Damned, Dictators, Suicide, Television...

Keep up the good work "boss"...
In keeping with the ongoing 30th anniversary of “punk rock”, I'm duty bound to impart the news that Issue #1 of NBT came out on the fateful April Fool’s Day of 1977. Having given much consideration to whether or not there'll ever be another printed edition then the verdict is no. Not only does little of the infrastructure with which it was distributed exist but it'll be kinder to trees. The folder/binders that were going to be employed in the "Who Will Save Rock'n'Roll" project will be donated to a school or to one of those scrap stationery type places. It's all just clutter and I don't have the wherewithall to put myself into hawk again. Not so much an attempt to reduce my carbon footprint, more a rare burst of common sense. My thanks to you folks out there that give a damn, who visit this outpost despite my deficiencies in the communications department. There will be no commemorative digest but gracias for asking.

As a special birthday treat, what could be more "punk rock" than this letter of "encouragement" from Tony Parsons? The background is that he was sent a copy of issue 6 with a letter calling his critical faculties into question. I was young and idealistic, what can I say? How was I to know he was a beacon who would become a succesful novelist in the years to follow?? Not much of that style on display here mind you. His editor must be a dab hand. Anyways, it came back, torn into pieces - with this on IPC stationery - Cor blimey - strike a light - guv, you’ve gotta larf, ‘intcha?? (read in a mockney accent for maximum effect).

Sorry if it takes a wee while to download to your browser but I couldn't get it to be anywhere near legible in any smaller format. You can click on the particular images to open them in order to read it. Incase you can't crack the scrawl, here's a transcript... beware though, it contains language not suited to the sabbath day, but it's all part of the experience. Like gobbing at the band!

"Dear Shit-Face, here's your pathetic shit-rag back. Sorry, I wouldn't wipe me arse on it. Oh yeah, I offered the Dead Boys a chance to step outside and the pitiful morons were too fucking scared to try it. ANYTIME you want to try it - come right up to the NME + I'll put your teeth down the back of your throat, you middle-class turds. You have no chance of ever doing anything - if you try making a career as writers, you will starve to death. If you weren't so pathetic you'd be funny. What a bunch of wankers you are. Fuck off wankers. Tony Parsons. TURN OVER TURD (Yes there's more!!) The Ramones, Dead Faggots + Blondie all think your "assessments" are correct because you are grovelling sycophantic arse-lickers. Good luck with your "writing". Ha! HA! HA! Now fuck off, shit-face. "

HA! HA! HA! indeed you tumchie, ever get the feeling you were an elmer?