Monday, October 12, 2009

RIP - Richard "Dickie" Peterson (Blue Cheer)

Info from Mark Pyskoty via facebook.

It was an eventful few days then. That being that events were attended, not that anything life-changing actually took place other than the fact that stuff that might have been attended to wasn't. The Hot Rods show was pretty great last night and well attended. There was a sociological aspect to it all but hey, Falkirk on a Sunday night with Monday morning on its tail. What can I tell you? Murray sent me a link to a recording of “Do Anything You Wanna Do” from The Citrus Club, Edinburgh on Saturday. Go grab it.

Having OD’d on all that culture, the heid has been a bit woozy today. I’m saying that’s the cause, it probably isn’t at all but I can’t blame it on overindulgence in either alcohol or some exotic narcotic. Just auld age and my coping mechanism of passing out in front of the TV around 8pm of yer average evening kicking my arse.

Looking at last week’s stats, it suggests it was the second highest ever. Just 50 behind the week that Lux passed away. In mentioning that, if anyone is planning any kind of celebration on October 21st then let me know and I’ll pass the word on. With regard to the “viewing figures”. If they are indeed kosher then maybe there was a plug someplace that escalated the visitor traffic. Anyway, thanks and happy trails however the heck you ended up here.

Kjell hepped me to these. I don't think any other explanation is necessary.

Thankyou - goodnight - interwebland!