Saturday, May 17, 2008

The lollygadding continues... did you catch "Kaiser" George Miller on "Later" with Sharleen Spiteri? The song I saw bore more than a passing resemblance to a certain Shangri-Las number.

And Glasvegas from the same show. Pretty good in spite of my ongoing reservations. Like Midge Ure (circa Slik) fronting The Mary Chain. I actively distrust the hype but there's no denying that "wall o'" sound. Maybe they could cover "Forever and Ever"?
Seeing as the rain was on and I couldn't attack the overgrown hedge, even if I wanted to, it was decided to resort to another major procrastination of recent times. Largely spurred on by not being able to find stuff when M&K were here. So anyway, a clear out of the cd howff has been undertaken and it's one of these "wish you'd never started" situations.

Any plus points like being reminded how fucking great The Eyeliners "Here Comes Trouble" is kind of pales in trying to establish order to an area that is quite frankly overpopulated. The concept of culling some of it is fine in theory but the humming and haw-ing and eventual inability to let go has resulted in me having a coffee as I do this to recharge the old ruthless batteries.

I've gotten to "F" and I'm pretty much busted. Can't shake this cold either. Plus Monk isn't on today. It could be worse but it could also be better, yon big Italian capital wasn't built in a day as the cliche goes. I bet you could build a fair size city quicker than you could make order of the shite I've accumulated over the past 30+ years! There's always the skip option which looks VERY attractive at the minute...