Thursday, July 01, 2010

True to form, July arrived with torrential rain and terminal dampness. We’ve been spoiled this past few weeks but today, looking out the window it’s been as grue grum grey as a November day. Not that I have anything agin that month but the way the light is tricked me into thinking I had longer to get myself together than I actually did this morning. My mind isn’t really on facebook updates and blog posts right about now. In fact, I’ve no real idea where it might have wandered off to. It’s slipped down the back of the sofa for all I know. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been kidnapped though because no ransom note has been forthcoming.

I’m not about to put up “Missing” posters just yet.

Advanced plans are in place not to have to leave the bunker over this weekend. Of course, if a really good offer was to appear then maybe I could be tempted but methinks that a wee spell of “shut-in” (rhymes with…) will be in order. My idea of a brief hit and run on Utrecht for The A-Bones have been scuppered sadly but that’s the scale of event that might elicit my stepping over the threshold.

Meanwhile, the plan, as it stands, is to head into Auld Reekie tonight to raise a glass to Mr & Mrs Happy G at the Voodoo Rooms. Congratulations kids.