Wednesday, April 03, 2013

BBC listeners have recently voted some record by Coldplay as their favourite album of all time. That was a statement I saw on the news today. Hmmm, news. I’m not sure that I’d call it that. What a searing indictment on a nation that is. But as the de-evolution of the UK progresses it’s not entirely surprising. Nor is it disappointment, because being in a permanent state of low expectation nullifies that. Remember the adage “Guilty until proven innocent”. That’s something of the rule to any probable exception.

I’ve also taken to keeping the RIPs on the DL, with the exception of Jess Franco yesterday - that one was important to mark. There are so many and it’s depressing. I’m not that particularly bothered about my own mortality but all of these are markers. So maybe I’ll resume when this thing picks up steam. If it ever picks up steam. There are some anomalies with the browser and with this being modern and all, it doesn’t react the way it always did. When I attempt to investigate, I get distracted or a full-on mind freeze descends. Sometimes both.
Anyway, tonight's task is to try and deal with some of the e-mail that's awaiting being answered. I'm making no promises.