Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thanks to the Rev. Robert Johnson for the tip!


Friday, December 18 - 10:15pm
Live at the Redwood Bar
316 W. 2nd Street, Downtown Los Angeles.

Fuck. Died Young Stayed Pretty is on at GFT on the 22nd/23rd December at entirely inopportune times! The trailer features the Shellac/MX-80 poster. I need to look at my schedule...

The great Ray Lowry was light years ahead of the "Hitler reacts" strand on YouTube. Finding this reminded me that I ought to hep you to the fact that "Salford Calling" - The largest ever exhibition of legendary NME cartoonist's work debuts in is now on at Salford Museum and Art Gallery, Salford M5 4WU. It started on 4th December and will run to 7th March 2010.

As we await Sounds of the Sixties, I remembered this thatw as discovered earlier in the week. La Hembra Alfa sent it to my friend Line Cecilie Dahlmann and I intercepted it. By the way kids, I hope the recording today goes spiffingly and look forward to hearing the results when you're good and ready.

You can never get enough Moon Duo...

Duglas reminded me to remind you that Mr Wareham and Ms Phillips are offering up these two tracks for your Yuletide gratification. Special guest star - Mr Boom!

The code is oldtoytrains.