Sunday, July 08, 2012

New (to me) from Dundee... (Thanks to Murray Ramone for flagging it up).

At long, long, long last and proving the adage that all good things come to those who wait, and wait. And wait a little bit more. Voladoras debut album (on their own Marisa imprint) is finally out though typically only available on vinyl. It may well be up for grabs as one of those download shenanigans too someplace but to get the full seismic effect you need to play it the way recorded music was invented to enjoy, going round and round at a rate of 33rpm or thereabouts.

Stockholm’s premier beat girls + guy present their “True Love Stories”. These tales (14 of ‘em) undulate with an innate Cramps type swagger tempered with the swing of The Pandoras to arrive at a mighty racket that no rock’n’roll enthusiast will be able to resist.

These short sharp jags of tempo tantrum are the sound of a combo having big fun and giving not a fig for what the world thinks. If said planet feels the urge to join in then fine, if not - then perhaps even better. If you ever saw them then you’ll know what to expect and if you haven’t well – you’re in for a treat and a half when you do.

I have one complaint and it is this, the use of foul language on one cut. Shouldn’t a disc with a song (takes deep breath and apologises in advance for any offence the following title might cause) entitled “Paul Weller” have a parental advisory sticker on the front?

Bootleg Booze and Soundflat have copies of this bespoke chunk of vinyl so enquire at either of those. Or go direct to Vola Central...