Monday, April 10, 2006

A short film about Jeff Connolly's visit earlier today to Wally Tax's gravesite can be found here. (the page is in Dutch, but just hit the sign and you'll be directed to the film).
Thanks to Jocke for this eyewitness report from Friday night in Stockholm...

"Friday was superb. The Pipelines opened up with a rocketing sharp 7 minute set (Ace of Spades, Jack the Ripper) and were followed by Fatboy with 3 vocal tracks (Good Rockin' Tonite, Mustang, Born to Love One Woman). They revealed that their bassplayer had backed up Link in the 80's. Then it was The Bottle-ups (Jack the Ripper, Fatback, Rumble), reunited after 20 years. These guys did the instro-rock thing better then anyone in the 80's and it showed here too, impressive. Stefan Ahlqvist from Problem, a legendary band from South Sweden, joined them and did a great, great set. Then the oddest band in the line-up, Sci-fi Skane that comprises a DJ, a melodica/tambourine player and a commentator. The singer Thomas Öberg screamed out anecdotes about Link across the wild, weird Link DJ mix (Big Ben, My Alberta, Sunglasses After Dark, Shadow Knows, Deuces Wild). Ridiculously good. The Barbwires followed with a Bunker Hill set (Drag-Strip, Run Chicken Run, The Girl Can´t Dance) with Martin Savage on vocals and a piano player. The Nomads played Fire & Brimstone, Hidden Charms and I'm Branded, It was fun and Hans is always great with tunes like that. Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks were probably the rawest and hardest band this evening. Drums and two guitars roared (Genocide, Fuzz, Streets Of Chicago, Streetfighter) to the huge crowd. The show was completely sold out. Finally The Hives went on without Howlin' Pelle. Jyrki Juvonen from Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers took his place in the spotlight and showed us how to handle a danelectro (Hang On, Rawhide). As a grand finale, ten guitarists joined together for a rousing version of Rumble.

Two and half hours of Link music was over and everybody was satisfied."

Jocke Ericson

plus for video highlights, enter the visual laboratory of b_grrrlie

Riverside Club, Glasgow on Friday May 5th.

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