Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bandita Trails present

Part Wild Horse’s Mane On Both Sides
Tube O’Mould
Neil A. Simpson
Red Death

at Leith Dockers’ Club on August 22nd 2010

(Academy Street, Leith, EH6 7EE - 0131 225 2042)

7pm - 11pm tickets £5 on the door

***Squeals and groans, cheap drinks, no flyers!***

PWHMOBS (Singing Knives): From Lyon (via Manchester), avant-primitivism of real beauty on flute, voice and an assortment of percussion courtesy of Kelly Jones and Pascal Nichols of Stuckometer/Cooper-Jones/Axis Mundi etc.

USURPER (Giant Tank): From Edinburgh, “(mostly) miniscule free-noise tantrums wi busted instruments from the mongs what brought youse Giant Tank and Pizza Boy Delivery.”

TUBE O’MOULD (Total Vermin): A new collaborative project from Rhian Thompson (Hockeyfrilla / Giant Tank) and Stuart Arnot (Smear Campaign / Total Vermin Records).

NEIL A. SIMPSON Repetitive guitarist (of Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo).

RED DEATH (Braw Industries): Synth syncopation and psychedelic drone.

A collaboration between Tracer Trails and Screen Bandita.

This gem comes courtesy of Brother Nick Vahlberg of the Stockholm Parish! JT 1984.

Two home shows in one week for The Nomads coming up. One of those with the mighty Problem, to be repeated in Malmo also. I envy those who can attend. Details here.

And while we're out in that 'hood. Check out the new Razzia gear at their myspace.