Thursday, January 22, 2009


The Jadewalkers host this highly convenient shinding down at everybody's fave local spot Wreck Room. DJ Kymber Lee NYC and Emma Vikingskull spin all night and invite to serious fun. If you actually live a serious life, then that's not what we mean by serious. We mean fun.

Anyway, Wreck Room updated their kitchen so now the food is safe and really good. The kitchen is open very late and offers everything from wings, sandwiches to steamed mussels. Cream Bean is still highly recommended in these tough times as it's only $ 4 (translation, that's a can of beer and a shot of Jim). That doesn't count as food though....

If you don't feel like dancing there's plenty of pool tables. All though we don't see how you will be able to resist moving those bones since the music will be so rockin'.

Drive By this special event. Perfect place to go before, after or all night. So if you have plans to, say... see Magic Christian at Rehab early on Fri -Drive By Wreck Room afterwards. Same goes if you're off to Midnight Til' Death. Get started at Wreck Room.

See you Fri! 940 Flushing Ave @ Evergeen Ave. L to Morgan Ave