Monday, June 22, 2009

Wanda Jackson is at the ABC2 in Glasgow tomorrow (23rd) and not Wednesday as the poster suggests.

I have come to my senses and blown out a previous engagement in Edinburgh and will see you all there.

These Del Lords reissues are available now, replete with extra tracks. Thanks to Scott for the nod. Top gear every one....! Available from all good record stores and online emporiums.

Edinburgh Film Festival "Best of the Fest" announced... if indeed I head for a Picturehouse on Sunday it'll be a screening of "Telstar".

Eric and Amy are on Marc Riley's show tonight between 7 and 9pm en route to Glasto this coming weekend. Check their show dates and see them if you can possibly swing it. Oh, and there's a new Eck podcast available now so you know that's a must.

Good morning campers. I'm not at work today and figured that I might book a couple of tickets for the David Simon event at the upcoming book festival. So having set up an account prior to online booking opening, I figured that it was all set. You know me, I thrive on pessimism but the site has fallen on its arse. I'm on the phone, in a queue but am tempted to hang up because when all is said and done - I'm not sure that I care anymore.

WTF is it with this system of buying tickets for anything? It's not efficient. All it serves to do is aggravate. This condition intensifies when you find fuckers selling tickets on ebay later. Anyway, I'm doing this as I wait. My schedule is screwed now anyway, I should have been at the post office for it opening. Another black mark. Oh, "we're very sorry to keep you waiting" (again).

No you aren't you automated tart...

Update @ 9.46am - Got through, scored the tickets. Was on hold for just nudging an hour...