Monday, August 04, 2014

From Brother BB Quattro...

At last! A dream come true. Joining 100 years of careers dedicated to crunchy pop'n'roll! Two years ago it would've been a hundred years, right now it's 100+, but who cares! Here it goes:

THE YUM YUMS (Norway) 20+
SUZY & LOS QUATTRO (Spain) 10+

Thursday Oct 2nd, EL SOL (Madrid)

Friday Oct 3rd, FOUR SEASONS (Castellón)

Saturday Oct 4th, La2 de APOLO (Barcelona)

Advance tickets for 18€ on sale by the end of the week (stay tuned). This whole thing is a bloody GIFT for any fan of the genre, but it's also a FINANCIAL SUICIDE for everyone involved, so we'd appreciate your presence and sharing all the news about this festival. Such a legendary bill would only happen once in a lifetime, and this deserves a sold-out on each one of the dates.

There will be the chance to buy a 40€ ticket for the 3 shows. We know there's many people who will want to follow this itinerant festival. There will also be the chance to buy a seat on a vehicle that will make the same route as the bands, so if you wanna come over, party your ass off and forget about driving, we are working on this option too.

Not a bad plan for early October, huh?!?