Friday, March 18, 2011

RIP - Jet Harris

RIP - Ferlin Husky

The world really is unravelling. I saw an interview with Gadaffi’s son on Channel 4 that was more Sacha Baron Cohen than Borat himself. Unbelievable. Spoof characters that would have been unbelievable on TV and movies are playing out some kind of doomsday scenario in real life. It would be worrying if it wasn’t so matter of fact stupid. Yes I have got that round the right way. Just. Maybe?

Word from SXSW is that the interweb is over. Too true. We’re only a few years away from getting chipped and wired into whatever the grid the overseers see fit to plug us into. In the interim, your “device” will fulfil the same function. It seems like most people might have to be surgically removed from their own particular homing device such is the urge to stare at it all the time. I understand the limited appeal of them being useful to impart actual information. Such a thing could even be a lifeline in certain situations but not walking down the street not watching where you’re going.

It’s the weekend of the Silent Film Festival at the Bo’ness Hippodrome. Heading back in time but paying 6 quid a gallon for petrol. I wonder how this compares to the price in Japan where a large chunk of the country is experiencing the onset of Armageddon? The horse and cart will be making a comeback if it keeps up and teams of cyclists will be employed to keep cinema screens flickering. Or do they even do that in these days of digital projection? Anyway, I think the program is largely made up of proper reels so pedal power seems like the way to go. I was at a thing called “An Escape From Reality” this afternoon where a film that was made for the opening of the refurb’ed cinema screened and there was a discussion about the history of the place and the work itself. It was really great. Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon at all.

In other news, I was thrilled/humbled to get a note from Laura Chilton about Mike’s piece on Alex yesterday. Felt like I was doing something right for the first time in ages. I’m sure it’ll all tumble back downhill from here...