Friday, October 05, 2007

Sometimes it seems as though the world has gone all Christopher Guest. Like we're, or I rather, might be living out some big spoof. Where somehow a band circumnavigating a record label and an utter balloon making a speech without notes is news? Here in this particular bubble, importance lies with the fact that Säkert! is doing shows in Sweden and it's unlikely that I'll be able to attend. There's just too much going on plus there's the flat out broke scenario to contend with. Life being the proverbial b-ii-atch and all that. This postal strike looks like it'll disrupt things majorly too, I was kind of hoping for a stay of execution on that. For my own selfish ends you understand, not for the greater good. Anyway, it's Friday, the grind is over momentarily and this blighter about to be switched off for the evening. Happy trails.

(Thanks to Mr Hägred for the Säkert! info)