Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Contemplating the possibility of this “rapture” business that’s being purported to take place this weekend – I’m thinking that my time would be better spent nowhere near a computer. That might seem a tad outlandish but there you go. Being that I’m a shoe-in for spending the remainder of eternity in the burny fire, perhaps it’s time to prioritise? Not that such a miracle is likely. Or any miracle really. In the likelihood though that we come out the other end then business as usual will ensue. I was going to use it as an excuse for not booking any tickets for the Edinburgh International Film Festival but receipt of the programme has me a little underwhelmed. I need to get a little forensic with it but I do believe that this be some slim pickin’s and no mistake. Take a look for yourself.

I’d pay 9 quid to see The Terminator at The Hippodrome maybe but not in Edinburgh at an event that seems to be a victim of some stringent cuts. No doubt I’ll drag myself to a couple of things but like I said before – nothing is screaming to be seen. There are several double space typos in the programme also. I am perfectly aware that it’s pretty sad that I noticed them too, before you feel like pointing that out.

With my form/luck, the aforementioned happenstance is likely to be more akin to “rupture”.

Anyway, I’m due a hard kick up the jacksy after having a blast down “the Lahndon” this past weekend. Muchas gracias to all concerned.