Sunday, September 30, 2007

Upp Till Kamp translates as "How Soon Is Now?!", actually there may be more exclamations and question marks involved but that'll do for now. UTK, the soundtrack, is music composed for the 4 part TV series of the same name. Composed by Mattias Bärjed, it runs the gamut from authentic 60's garage rock through soul balladry to fuzz instrumentals not unlike Jack Nitzsche. It's absolutely stellar and I doubt that you'll hear a better OST this (or maybe any other) year. It's a 2cd set which features an array of musicians including fellow TSOOLer Ebbot Lundberg and the Martin "Konie" Ehrencrona. Release by Razzia, is something you really need to treat yourself to. It'll keep you warm for many years to come. And the films themselves, well that's available on dvd with full English subtitles. Set in Gothenburg between 1966 and 1976, it follows the (mis)fortunes of four close friends. UTK is about aspiration, principle, compromise and ultimately being worn down, in other words, real fucking life. Kind of like a Mike Leigh piece with a rock'n'roll heart. And I don't think I've ever seen that much smoking on screen. Ever. All of the main players are exceptional. In particular, Fanny Risberg that plays Lena. Somebody should be thinking about making a record with this girl. The version of "Stay With Me Forever" on disc 2 is heartbreaking. I guess it's an old song judging by the credits but you just never know, anyway if the original is better then it really must be something. Those Gary Brookeresque keyboards, blimey. The whole thing is operating in a zone way beyond mere authenticity and I really hope that you take whatever chance presents itself to see and hear this.

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Listen again to "The Story of Flowers in the Rain" on BBC Radio 4. Tony Blackburn recalls the 1967 hit Flowers in the Rain by The Move, the first record played on Radio 1. A controversial publicity stunt to promote the single led to the band being sued by Prime Minister Harold Wilson. Contributors include former band members, photographers, producers and fans.