Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It’s Joey’s Birthday Bash time again. The annual event takes over Irving Plaza to raise money in remembrance of the big fella. Loosely related, Martin sent me this Lauren Laverne thing you might enjoy. She always struck me as being an enthusiast, irrespective of whether you agree with her or not.

I’m just about to consign a large box of Mojo magazines to the recycling bin. Attempts at online dating to pair them up with prospective suitors have failed and I need to reclaim the space. It makes me a little sad to be honest but it’s all part of a process that I’m not altogether in control of. I need to be more ruthless where clutter is concerned but I don’t think it’s in my DNA. Once a pack rat… but I am trying to change that. I don’t ebay anymore because it’s riddled with shysters for the most part. Just yesterday I learned of a scam that was pulled on an acquaintance of mine in recent times who is rightly out for blood.

Anyway, I gotta go and grab that box. I’m psyching myself up, switching this off and heading for that big blue bin. In many ways it would be easier to deposit myself in there and let someone else have to bother about all this other crap.