Wednesday, April 25, 2007

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"Psychotic Reaction Films presents
"Ghost on the Highway"
A portrait of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and the Gun Club@The Bernard Shaw, Portobello, Dublin 8
live performances by The Things and Friends
w/ Love Action Dj'sSunday 6th of May 8pm

"GHOST ON THE HIGHWAY"A Portrait of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club"Ghost on the Highway" is the provocative new feature documentary which examines and celebrates the late Jeffrey Lee Pierce in all his puckish, shit-stirring glory. The film is a two-fingered salute in honor of Pierce's legendary band The Gun Club, one of the most notorious and incendiary in the history of American popular music.
"Ghost on the Highway" boasts comprehensive interviews with ex-Gun Club members Kid Congo Powers, Ward Dotson, Terry Graham, Jim Duckworth and Dee Pop, as well as observations and revelations from Pierce intimates such as Dave Alvin ("Blasters"), John Doe ("X"), Henry Rollins ("Black Flag;" "Rollins Band"), Mike Martt ("Tex and The Horseheads") and Peter Case ("Plimsouls"). Lemmy Kilmister ("Motorhead") makes a special appearance with an aim to excoriate the record industry."Ghost" is directed by Kurt Voss and edited by Andrew R. Powell. Voss and Powell also act as producers on the highly anticipated film, which delivers new insights into the volatile psyche of bandleader Jeffrey Lee Pierce, who died at age 37 after a life of self-abuse which was, by turns, both riotous and tragic.Still criminally undervalued, the Gun Club were the first group to fuse punk and blues, thus paving the way for more high profile contemporary acts like The White Stripes.The release of "Ghost on the Highway" marks the ten year anniversary of Jeffrey Lee Pierce's death.This film showing also features live performances by The Things and Friends!!!!! Dont miss it!!!!!!!!!!!"
The Scientists (en route to The Spitz and ATP) will reduce Resonance FM to swampland between 7 and 8pm this very evening. You can listen to the stramash here. Not sure if it would be available as a stream later but y'never know...