Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I get bombarded with requests to put links up for stuff and when I do listen, it's mainly tosh. However, here's an opporchancity to get some primo pop gear for exactly nada, nowt, nuthin' in the run up to all this festive carry on.

"Glasgow band THE MARTIAL ARTS have decided to give away their critically acclaimed album 'YOUR SINCLAIR' as a free download from the front page of their myspace website, as a Christmas present to any one who fancies a listen.

The band, who are signed to Groover Recordings in Sweden, have had success in Scandinavia and almost exclusively great reviews, yet remain unsigned back home in the UK. The band produce melodic guitar pop, in places reminiscent of power pop acts like The dB's and Big Star, Indie pop like Hefner, The Wedding Present and The Yummy Fur and Elephant 6 bands like Of Montreal and The Apples In Stereo. 'Your Sinclair' is no badly recorded demo album - it was produced by Ronald Bood (Shout Out Louds). The band intend to make the album available for free until December 25th - CD copies remaining available to buy via links provided on their myspace - and hope the album can be heard by as many as possible.

I hope you might be interested in spreading the word, be it linking to their myspace/download links, playing their tracks or just featuring the band in your blog. The Martial Arts have full approval from their record label and are excited by the prospect of having their album heard by those who might not have heard of them."

The band is also playing at the 13th Note this coming Saturday (15th)...

(updated at 6.51pm)