Saturday, July 11, 2009

This clip has at least 20 times more energy and better sound than any of the lame-o guff that I witnessed on TV last night. Way to go from here is to fast forward through the i-Player stuff methinks, to avoid any mishaps with electrical equipment.

A message from Sir Tom Phobic...

Hi Kids,

Please drag yourselves away from the box, the wii, guitar hero, the www, the local pub, or wherever most of you are when you should be supporting live rock n roll.

Come see us, the Bucha Effect and more in the flesh at the Malborough in Camberwell tomorrow (July 11th). It's right near the block that had the tragic fire so we may well be passing a hat round for a collection.

In the meantime you are free to your own (de)vices but tomorrow we'll be looking forward to the pleasure of your company.

The gig is FREE by the way.