Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day then... named after a Hello Saferide song. My plans to post a bunch of stuff last night crashed and burned in front of the TV. Had a stint at the dentist and sundry other chores conspire agin me. But anyway, today won't be much more productive i'm afraid. But here's a couple of things you may care to attend this weekend...

But first, Duglas Bandit (along with Messrs Blake and Wells) have recorded a special song for your day. Check it out here!


Thursday 15th February

THE DOUBLE-SIX CLUB - at the Jazz Bar, Chamber Street, Edinburgh. 12pm til 3am. Free admishun.

Ska, Soul, Mod-Reggae & Easy 60s - with DJ's from The GO-GO.

This will be a monthly event, with next one being Thursday 8th March, then every second Thursday of the month after that.


Firefox AK at the ABC2 on Friday 16th


Southern Tenant Folk Union (The great Pat McGarvey's CP side-project)

Saturday 17th at The Village, Leith...
Sunday 18th at Brel, Glasgow (part of El Rancho Relaxo)


Meanwhile, the hot V day ticket is The Hold Steady at the Cathouse in Glasgow tonight. Will they cut the spread-on chocolate? Your reporter will clue you in (much) later.