Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Rubinoos celebrate 4 decades in the ring tonight out there in San Fran. If you're there, DO NOT MISS IT!

This, quite literally, just in from Brother Don. Timely too with SOTS having an SF "three in a row" this AM.

"just got back from Thee Parkside all the way across town here in san fran where i saw an incredible set by Roy Loney and the Phantom Movers.(sans Danny and James). Roy was most excellent. he strummed a Fender cutaway acoustic. Larry Lea played lead and they had their old bass player too. they opened with "Don't Believe Those Lies". and moved along with old faves like "Emmy Emmy", "A Hundred Miles an Hour", and "Born to be Your Fool". place was jammed and the crowd was groovin like crazy.

it was almost like being back at the Mab (which Roy mentioned) or those great Whisky shows where they opened for the Groovies. then Cyril came up and there was a roar from the crowd when Roy introduced him as an "old friend...and very dear friend". they did"Second Cousin", "Teenage Head" and "Slow Death". unbelievably great!!! Cyril took some INCREDIBLE solos!!! it was absolutely stunning and just like the old days. everyone went totally insane and they were called back for an encore and they did Chuck Berry's "Bye Bye Johnny".

Roy and Cyril together is just EXPLOSIVE!!! now i have an inkling of how great the New Orleans shows must've been. i congratulated Cyril afterwards but didn't get a chance to thank Roy so if you're out there Roy: FANTASTIC JOB!!! wow!!!! i really hope these guys get together some more. just tremendous. Cyril's guitar solos were effortless and magic. Roy was in excellent voice. what a night!"