Friday, November 06, 2009

Dirty Water Records is having a Seasonal Sale! You like a bargain - they got 'em!!

The Wonderful World of Olaf LaDousse... get thee in about the "doorags" section!

Erk, forgot to hep you to this. If you're out Belfast way - then tomorrow night's entertainment is but a click away. Thanks Liam.

The bastards. That being the Forth Ports Authority here in Grungemooth. They've been and gone and blocked off my cheeky wee quiet route to the supermarket. Used to be that you could walk all over the dock area here. It used to be a means of exercise for scores of people but that has long been off limits. Because of the terrorists and safety and all that hogwash. The last vestage was this little short cut and now it's gone. So it takes me approximately five more minutes to get to and from now. File under "disappointed but not exactly unexpected".

November driechness versus the Friday vibe. I don’t really care what the weather brings on. Tonight, and I realise that I have to be careful in the way I phrase this - I’m going to see Penetration, and The Lurkers are opening for them. Last time I saw them (the L's) was in 1977 at The Maniqui in Falkirk and the memories are not fond. Still, I know that Christina Boonaraaa arranged some shows in Germany for them so maybe I’ll get a pleasant surprise. I’d settle for just a surprise at this point though. Brian Coyoteman is part of Pauline and Robert’s crew and I think they have a new single available, might be able to tell you more later.

Last time I saw Brian was at the Eric/Amy Newcastle shindig. Yo La Tengo are in Glasgow at the 02 ABC tonight but sadly they’re not in tow like they will be soon elsewhere in Europe. I can bring glad tidings regarding their self-released single – “Teflon Wok” c/w “Bobbing Head Doll”. They’ve taken delivery and this fine offering will be available to buy either via their websites and even from here. If you want to score one then let me know and I’ll fix you up.