Friday, May 07, 2010

I'm playing catch-up on e-mail and listening. That kind of stuff. Not really that interested in when the UK closing down sale will be starting. If I get enough done then hopefully I can drag myself out to see a couple of movies over the course of the weekend.

I just read a Lefsetz thing entitled "Going To The Gig" that sort of depressed me because on one hand I sort of agree with some of it. It's another extended kvetch in which he once again indicates unashamedly that he has no taste and, in addition, operates in a privileged universe away from the pulsebeat of real fans. Then he tries to qualify it by throwing in his lot with Nick Hornby. The plot is over there Bob. No wait, it's behind you.

Never mind though, there are many cool things up and coming. I'm jealous of anyone who will see Hello Saferide this weekend at ATP and am not ashamed to admit it.

Further solace from idiots can also be gotten in the latest Wreckless Eric Radio Show.

Seek it.

The Standells in London anyone?
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