Thursday, April 17, 2008

Seems to me that this bill is a little upside down but if I was in Stockholm then I'd be there, irrespective of any prospective running order. Still nursing a bit of a pounding napper but have been blessed today by a sneak preview of some serious blitzkrieg pop with a sophisticated kaboom.
The new SYLQ is nearly ready folks and they (i.e. anybody, give or take) almost never, if indeed ever, make them like this anymore.
Oy, tis the season to have thumpin' headaches. Two corkers on the trot, 2 days running. These are lifestyle induced rather than brought upon by imbibing and I gave up trying to find any medical solution. However these past two days have brought things into sharp focus in terms of noggin nipping. Still - time to get moving toward the front door. Just got time to bring you this...

RIP - Hazel Court (Link courtesy of Ben Gart)