Wednesday, July 29, 2009

RIP - George Russell

Last couple of days, I've woken up and largely crashed feeling like my napper is stuck in a vice. Things like trying to sort out car insurance and other life-sucking activities aren't helping but I'm not really complaining. Just offering reasons why I can't seem to kick myself into any real blogging effort. Tonight I purposely didn't switch this on within minutes of getting home and attended to something that I've been procastinating with for weeks. Plus it wasn't raining so I had no excuse.

Me 'ave become somewhat obsessed with not wishing to burn valuable time whilst at the same time torching great bales of the stuff. It always helps to be able to spend some time with cool people that you don't get to see too often. I'm fortunate to have a few bouts of just that coming up over the next few weeks too.

With regard to getting e-mails with links and mp3's, etc. I know that addresses just end up on lists and that in the main, these things are just sent out in the hope that someone will care. More often than not, I don't. Unless I recognise something to do with a message or the fact that it comes from someone I know then it'll be deleted straight away. In conjunction with the time thing stated before, life is too short. Maybe I'll miss something huge but that's my lookout because really it's gotten to the point where I'm inundated. A lot of it is simply material that doesn't fit the bill here. We do convene over a broad canvas but really, no names - no pack drill, some of the songs suck so bad that they'll probably go on to be very popular indeed. Not with the blessing of this parish however. Whilst on the subject of time, I'm thinking about dumping the Twitter thing. Facebook is useful and as long as you don't put anything on there that might come back on you like a cucumber sandwich. Myspace I check but seldom use other than to quickly hear stuff. When I add all that to the dozen or so blogs I check regularly then that tends to take some kind of toll on the ol' peepers.

The ettiquette of not pissing people off is an important factor here. There are a lot of daily visitors here hence the need to update at least once every 24 hours. Sometimes it's possible to do more but not often these days. And anyway, with what frequency can each person process the information? It's not cool to just assault people and I hope that doesn't happen here. For the next wee while, I'm going to try and just blog short reviews and information. This will address the backlog of material. I'd also like to expand the Rock's Backpages aspect too but we'll see.

So in closing, Mr Spence has chimed in with the latest Brutes sighting at The Halt on Friday. A peculiar trailer for what appears to be a Roky Biopic was flagged up on The Blank Generation mailer today and I thought this BLR link about music magazines was worth looking at. Maybe you will too?

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