Sunday, June 26, 2011

On the blurb for "Sound It Out”, a documentary about the last Teesside record store standing, it claims “High fidelity with a northern accent”. I don’t agree. Certainly, anyone who has spent time on either or both sides of a counter in such a place will chime with a lot of this. It’s equal parts comfortable and sad, sometimes both at once. The shop customers that appear run the gamut from a guy and his wife that might give Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer a run for their money to the most real and sincere being a Quo fan called Shane. To my mind, it's lazy to compare anything to do with record stores to "HF".

Director Jeanie Finlay and shop proprietor Tom Butchart attended the screening. It was explained that there were drawbacks such as having music playing in the store because it would ultimately have to be cleared if it appeared in the film. "SIO" feels more like "Anvil" to my mind, without the happy ending. It’s anybody’s guess as to how long the shop will remain there. Shots of Stockton’s high street indicate the decline that’s going on across the country. What can’t be denied is the community spirit and camaraderie that surrounds the place. Or the therapy that it provides many of the outsiders that frequent it.

Spotted copies of Up for A Bit with The Pastels, A Date with Elvis and The Residents Duck Stab on the store walls. I wonder if they ever sold the copy of “Love Missile F1-11” ?

See it and make up your own mind.

TRAILER: SOUND IT OUT - A documentary by Jeanie Finlay from Jeanie Finlay on Vimeo.

Thanks to Shona for getting me in after I failed to book a ticket in time.