Sunday, February 08, 2009

If it weren't for WFMU and North Fork Sound this past few days, it's perfectly possible that I'da blown a fuse.
The good taste of the Swedish population is once again displayed by their catapulting of Adiam Dymott into the Top 10. Check out "Miss You". I'm dedicating it to Lux on behalf of all of us. Adiam's album is out on Razzia, March 18th and I for one can't wait to hear it.
Matt and Kim vs Lily Allen. That should be an entertaining bout.
NYC, this Tuesday, for free. A bargain at four times the price of entry.
These photos were taken by Kris Guidio at his and Nina's place in Liverpool. Spring 1981 (I think).

This is the last stuff that I'll post for the moment. Time to break out of the vortex and head on back to what passes for the real world. One of the main clatters over the side of the noggin all this has presented to me is that life is indeed short.

The man holds up a bar of his name brand soap at their UK debut show.
Camera shake could be attributed to the effect of what was just witnessed.
A life changing experience.