Sunday, June 19, 2011

We could use a little levity, right?

Still can't find the photos but then I got to thinking, everything's on YouTube - right?

RIP - Clarence Clemons

Like I maybe said before, my experience of meeting musical heroes has seen a pretty decent success rate. None more so than running into Clarence during that all important first jaunt to NY in the autumn of 1983. The LOTC had just gotten canned and HT was working at Columbia. CC was putting together his first solo outing with the Red Bank Rockers and we got invited to the video shoot for "A Woman's Got The Power". Anyway, in this - he was depicted as the President of the USA and he carried that pretty damn good. I've been looking for the pictures and the only one I can find right now is this one. He was a lovely guy that loved the bagpipes and the last contact I had with him was when we sent some bagpipe reeds that my dad gave me over to him in New Jersey. So long Big Man.