Sunday, June 04, 2006

Those Boonaraaa girls are back and the seven songs on this teaser disc for the prospective new album are all crackers. If there’s a label out there that’s looking for top of the range femme punk rock’n’roll action then let me know and I’ll make the introduction. This is high octane and real, not some fake hipster pantomime. The B’s pound it out with an exhilarating gusto which they can more than deliver live. So yeah, this short sharp burst of energy really hit the spot. Better than a crate of Red Bull.

Coming as it did after a particularly turbulent week, those cobwebs were well and truly consigned to the dumper. Six pop-tastic originals and a cover of Fabian’s “Stop Thief” is the fare that's come together and they’re working on (I think) another 7 to complete the long-awaited follow up to Go Get Goo Goo. Can’t come soon enough for my liking…

The girls are playing at the Sounds Of The Suburbs festival on September 16th in Essen, Germany with all manner of daft punk (not the French duo) acts past and present including The Boys (Yeah!) and Cockney Rejects (Jury is out on that one). Could be quite a ruckus. Before that they have a show on July 15th in Coburg - Outside Rodeo - Bei Adam / Germany + The Schogettes
RIP - Vince Welnick (The Tubes)