Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The pursuit of securing car insurance is akin to having the soul sucked out of your shell to the power of 10. I hate it. It's even worse than going into those huge DIY stores. A few years ago, I went in to an insurance agent in town and she sorted it all out for me. The stage I'm at now is that I feel that there's a better "deal" to be had, if only I could handle the process.

The only thing that's really driving my non-capitulation is that I'm skint and don't want to spend any more on this racket than I absolutely have to. It would be so easy to just roll-over and renew. Then I wouldn't have to bother. However, I feel like I owe it to myself to at least try. I've struck out with these comparison sites they advertise on the telly. You'd have to be a Philadelphia lawyer to figure all that shit out. My attention span is perilously short at the best of times but these things are designed to trick people like me into a rash decision. The implied simplicity of using 'em is lost on me.

I'd rather pay more and deal with a human if that's possible so I'm about to go on the phone and attempt it that way. If it turns out like the time a guy in Bangalore was trying to tell me how to get from Edinburgh to Stonehaven then there could well be a gasket blown. I've been to Apoplexy a bunch of times, it's cool to feel like a local someplace...