Thursday, December 04, 2008

The western world it is imploding… just heard that Pinnacle Distribution has hit the skids. Blimey. That’s going to fuck things up a bit. And what about all those people that have lost their jobs? It's like a big game of dominoes with no end of the toppling in sight.

It's nearly Friday and I’m looking forward to heading for Glasgow to hook up with Joe. The Mary McBride Christmas album and another set DO feature The Skeletons. I just had that confirmed so you need to be checking those out.

More good news to beat back the glumness of real life is that in addition to the big screen debut of Steve Coleman in The Fleshtones doc on Friday in NY, the super-rockers themselves will be doing their sanity clause thing live on WFMU this coming Saturday. The Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T is where this particular action will take place. Thanks to Ben for the info…I hope that when Steve gets his Hollywood call, he’ll remember us little people back here on the ranch.

There was no snow today so it better keep the fuck away until the weekend is over. These are troubling times but there’s nothing else to do except keep the heid doon. Better than getting it shot off innit.

Fingers and everything else crossed... (thanks to DD Banter for the link)