Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not sure about you but I am sick to the back teeth of the word "festival". It's been co-opted over under sideways down and in sundry other directions. The term has been rendered meaningless and the original intention of these being a celebration of something or other overtaken by the commercial opportunities that it implies.

I got an e-mail this afternoon offering a 2 for 1 ticket offer for the Joe Dante in person thing which I'd like to attend. Only thing is that it's at 6pm and I'm not burning any more vacation time. If it was at 7.30pm then I bet there'd be much bigger uptake. But anyway, those two stinkers I saw on Saturday kind of tainted my EIFF-going. I’ll be back there tomorrow. But not for the ATP thing although I believe Duglas T. Stewart makes an appearance in the film?

Post rock. Nothing to do with royal mail then? The Picturehouse in Edinburgh will be converted into a makeshift holiday camp for the ATP thing tomorrow. Oh post rock, that'll be a package from Blackpool containing sticks of peppermint and fruit sugar rush fixes? No? what is it then? Mogwai?? That's the wee furry beastie from Gremlins. WTF? Anyway, all of that will be going on but I’ll be up the road at Filmhouse.

It’s unfeasibly hot here today but I’m headed for Glasgow. Members of the opening band, The Bottleneckers are backing Wanda Jackson tonight so it should be pretty faithful to the heyday. I'll try to file a report pretty much upon my return. No doubt I'll have seen some of you there.