Monday, February 22, 2010

I’m at that stage again where dropping off the face of the earth seems like a very agreeable situation, too much going on, too little time and in a sense, way too little inclination. The prospect of those meatballs at Tranan next week and hanging out with Martina and Daniel not to mention my other Stockholm compadr├ęs makes the immediate struggle almost bearable. I’ve given up on whether or not facebook or e-mail or whatever is working because I never know what’s going where. I do know that a couple of links never made it from work to home today but it’s no biggie, I twigged there was a problemand dealt with it innit..

The start of May is shaping up to be real busy on the prospective entertainment front. That said, a bit of mis-scheduling and just plain bumpy logistics means that I’m gonna be out of whack with some of the shows. Just one of those things I guess but bloody irritating. Sometimes things don’t work out and cloning doesn’t appear to be an available option. Still, it’s a minor grumble in the grand scheme of things. Full details of these “events” will be forthcoming - as and when venues are confirmed, etc.

Often accused of having impossibly high expectations with regard to the quality of how something turns out, it’s fair to say that these are seldom realised. I’m not sure if corners are cut or that calibrations are shoddy but somehow or other, the finished product falls a little short. This happened to me today with something at work. Possibly this is a mild OCD, along with the habit of having to constantly refine things. Shouldn’t that always be the case? Of course, there are exceptions when something happens to distract or flummox me completely. Like getting two names mixed up that are nothing alike. It’s not always possible to find the mistakes in one’s own blogging or copy writing.

You’re too close. And spell checks only provide a cursory safety net. I guess it’s not so bad on screen, it’s when this happens in hard print. That’s when the authority is called into question. Mistakes can easily be made, often because too many tasks are being undertaken at any one time. The human condition doesn’t allow for much slack.

This new Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland looks like a Mark Ryden landscape come to life. Been listening to all this guff about Odeon not screening it because of the window of op in relation to DVD release. There are two audiences for this with a big overlap but who in their right mind would pass up seeing this thing in a cinema and plump for grabbing it on disc. Cinema then DVD surely.

But what do I know...

It's shaping up to be another of these weeks. I just tried to wash my face whilst wearing my gregories. Not sure about where we are in time and space, maybe something to do with the release today of the latest Jason and the Scorchers album. More about that later though. The Eighties didn't altogether suck despite the impression of what the nostalgia business might suggest.

Also, of late, I've been making some right foxes paws. Please, if you notice things that look like complete fiction, let me know. I'm not sure how exactly I got Jake Starr and Dave Champion mixed up. Perhaps it's these glasses, but most likely the more haste, less speed nature of yours truly lately.