Monday, September 21, 2009

RIP - Arthur Ferrante

(info from Donna Lethal via facebook)

Before I begin, Mr Duff reminded me that The Lost Crusaders are at The Corn Rocket Club in London tonight. I've no idea who is joining Mike for these euroshows but you should cut along if you can. It should get pretty nuts in Ryans Bar a little later...

But I digress, some progress was made with regard to getting rid of stuff this past weekend then. A sizeable pile of The List, Uncut and Premiere were launched into the recycle bin. The next chore in that line is to list the issues of Mojo, send them to the smattering of folks that expressed interest and despatch those accordingly. This includes unwanted issues into the hungry jaws of the aforementioned receptacle. Slight inroads were made into a cd cull also but I need to apply the same level of ruthlessness as I have done with the printed matter. Records could well be next but that will be a more difficult matter. I can’t even begin to consider cassettes and VHS tapes at this point and never really caught the dvd bug. Still preferring to make the effort to go to the cinema, at least that habit hasn’t died although the logistics can be fraught sometimes.

The only thing I’m interested in seeing is the new “Curb” episodes that started to air in the US last night. This season apparently centres around the prospect of a “Seinfeld” reunion and by all accounts the first show was great. I did watch some eps of "True Blood" and found it kind of irritating in its post Twin Peaks style. Buffy via American Gothic with added raunch but not as good as either. The theme tune is good in a Chris Isaak/Fatboy vein (you see what I did there.. haw haw) and I think I heard Eleni Mandell in the background of one?

Apparently Season 2 is better and to be honest, I’m not sure that I’ll get that far. We’ll see. An hours de-clutter per night should see me done with it all by about 2015 or thereabouts.

Some other stuff I just discovered that I hadn’t passed on that’ll be coming out over the next wee while. I had scribbled and copied links on to a list but I’ve lost that. This is fairly typical of the situation that is ongoing hereabouts. The other aspect is that what you don’t know or never knew is unlikely to trouble you. That’s a positive note, right? The e-mail and file thing is in many ways worse than physical clutter, I’ve never really been able to fathom a systematic way of storing files. The backup discs to the left of me here are just a further example of what will eventually become landfill. Or maybe I’ll just make arrangements for them to go to one of the places that claims to recycle cd material. I guess I don’t have to make my mind up about that right athis instant.

The Rev. Mike Mastrangelo tells me that tehre's another round of Gun Club re-issues ("Miami", Death Party and The Las Vegas Story) coming in October via Cooking Vinyl. Nothing on the site yet but I'll keep you posted.

Need something to read as the nights are drawing in? Joe Bonomo's tome on The Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis - entitled "Lost and Found", this could well be what you're after… I wonder what happened to those tracks The Radio Sweethearts worked on sone time ago??

John Cavanagh's Pirate Radio is on at The Arches this Tuesday and Wednesday. Be there prior to 8.20pm on either night.

The Jim Jones Revue are at Mono on Wednesday. £8 on the door, no advance tickets.

For the forseeable, one hour in the morning (provided I can get up as these dark mornings creep in) and another one in the evening will be my interweb activity for the foreseeable future. These heavy manners are necessary to pursue other avenues of what passes for an existence. I shouldn’t grumble but I do. All part of the charm. Kerfuffle’s and conflicts with regard to time off. Plus it’s not physically or fiscally possible to attend every shindig that I’d like to. Still, I shall be missing in action with regard to blogging between 22nd and 26th October .

Maybe J could be cajoled into interrupting his real life for a couple of day? However, I think you'll live if this thing isn't updated daily. Or even weekly come to that...